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REIA 023 Shannon Robnett: Explore the Riches of Three Decades in Real Estate Development and Investing

Shannon Robnett

Explore the Riches of Three Decades in Real Estate Development and Investing

Today Dr. Allen chats with Shannon Robnett, a leading real estate developer and investor with more than 30 years of experience. His developments projects range from multi-family, professional office buildings to City Halls, fire and police stations, schools, industrial and mini storage. He comes from an Entrepreneurial family, and he is a second-generation builder-developer and a fourth-generation realtor.

Shannon believes with 5 generations of real estate professionals it truly is in their blood. They specialize in the acquisition of development land, entitling it.  Once ready for construction they involve their syndication partners in the real estate Shannon says that there is phenomenal growth in just building, filling, and selling a product. He further explains that his operation is different than most because he is looking for syndication partners that are seeking tax-advantaged situations and his main clients are using IRAs to invest; not clients looking for small monthly cash flow investments.

In today’s chat, listen to Shannon Robnetts’s insightful three-decade journey in real estate development and investment. He invests with integrity, passion, and excellence to bring wealth and economic freedom to his investors.

3 Key Points from the episode:

  • Explore every opportunity to understand your project and your client.
  • Learn from experience and use it in future.
  • Don’t just look to do everything under the sun, be focused on your goal.

Connect with Shannon:

  • Phone: 208-291-6312

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