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About Steed Talker Capital

 Inspiring fulfilled professionals to develop their wealth secured with hands-off passive real estate investments

Our core values aspire to enfold the fullness of abundance

Authenticity – Be true to one’s core – the foundation for honest and trustworthy relationships.

Beneficent – Be the source for good in all things.

Unlimited – Practice the attitude of limitless possibilities.

Noetic – Strive to honor the sacred connection of Mind – Body – Spirit.

Diligent – Give 110% to all commitments.

Altruistic – Exude concern for the well-being of all creatures – humans and all others.

Nascent – Seek to evolve, emerge, develop, and grow.

Conscious – Awake to the gifts of one’s most sacred inner being.

Eco-Conscious – Respect the planet and champion its stewardship.

My Personal Story

Ultimate Mission

Empower fulfilled professionals to supercharge the rate-of-return on their retirement and other investment funds.

Dr. Allen Lomax is the Chief Organizational Systems Psychologist (COSP), creator, and founder of Steed Talker Capital, a real estate investment company committed to enhancing the quality of life for communities and investors.

I have been blessed to spend my professional career in a field that has brought pleasure and fulfillment. For over three decades, I’ve served as higher education student affairs administrator and taught college student development and psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I’m fortunate to be able to stay in contact with students I taught decades ago and observe as their careers have grown and flourished.

photo of author dr. allen lomaxAs an elementary school child, I was labeled a “slow-learn.” What today would be identified as dyslexia, in those days, translated as “not very bright.” This stigma, which became internalized, followed me into high school, where the high school counselor recommended that I not consider college but rather should go into a trade. The world told me, and for many years, I believed, I was intellectually defective. Today, I hold a Doctorate in Psychology.

Overcoming the internalized stigma of intellectual inferiority revealed the power of my core strengths of determination and tenacity. Employing these characteristics with the inherent strength of congruent empathic understanding, I found enormous fulfillment Working to create a worldin developing a successful leadership career in university education. With the ease of transition to real estate investing, I have done fix-and-flip, buy-and-hold apartment rentals, spec home development, mobile home park ownership, and commercial real estate syndication.

Through real estate investing, I made what I thought at the time was a fortune, then lost it all in 2007. From the depths of loss and defeat, I learned the art of ongoing recovery to rise again like the phoenix. I often reflect that the worst days of our lives can be the best as they often open doors of opportunity that we never dreamed possible.  Though the devastation of 2007 was painful, it proved to be the catalyst that challenged my limited beliefs about financial wealth and catapulted my financial well-being far beyond what I could previously ever have imagined. 

Though my career in higher education has been more About than amply rewarding, I built and continue to build my wealth through real estate investing. There is no better way that I know of for a person on an educator’s salary to build wealth that delivers time, lifestyle, and economic freedom to the degree that is found in passive real estate investing. 

It brings me great pleasure to share the life and investing lessons I’ve learned in collaboration with other fulfilled professionals interested in building their wealth through solid investment secured by the tangible assets of real estate. I cordially invite anyone interested to join me on this incredible wealth-building journey!

Worried about putting your money in the wrong investment?

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As the company name, Steed Talker Capital implies, horses hold special importance in Dr. Allen’s life.  To that end, a significant portion of his investment profits goes to activities and organizations that are committed to better understand the equine to lead to the better more humane treatment of horses worldwide.  In our modern world of massive technological advances, we have severed our connection with the natural world that nurtures and sustains us.  Dr. Allen’s vision is that understanding and connecting with horses will give humanity a bridge to harmoniously reconnect with the natural world from which our life essence and inspiration always arise.