Steed Talker

About Steed Talker Capital

Invest to Thrive – Live to Flourish Abundantly in All Areas of Life

We create relationships founded in trust to enhance wellbeing in all areas of life for every person involved. We use investment in multifamily housing as a tool to develop abundant living for investors while providing esthetic and comfortable housing for our residents.

Ultimate Company Goal

Develop attractive returns on investment for our equity partners underwritten with advantageously leveraged and sound long-term debt financing.

About the Company

As the name of the business implies, horses hold special importance in my life. My name is Allen Lomax, founder of the company. 

As an elementary school child, I was labeled a “slow-learn.” What today would be identified as dyslexia, in those days translated as “not very bright.” This stigma, which became internalized, followed me into high school where the high school counselor recommended that I not consider college. The world told me and for a time I believed, I was intellectually defective. Today, I hold a Doctorate in Psychology.

Overcoming the internalized stigma of intellectual inferiority revealed the power of my core strengths of determination and tenacity. Employing these characteristics with inherent strength of congruent empathic understanding, I found enormous fulfillment developing a successful leadership career in university education.

Successful completion of Ph.D. studies in Organizational Systems Psychology give me a deep working knowledge of the power of organizational systems to either make or break complex projects endemic to multifamily investing.

As a university administrator I successfully took large and multifaceted bureaucratic organizations from self serving to finely tuned and well oiled student serving systems. With easy of transition, my in-the-trenches first-hand experiential university knowledge and experience easily transitioned to real estate investing. Impressive returns for passive investors are made in multifamily investments when a dysfunctional system is transformed into highly functional.

Throughout my academic career, I was always mindful of the critical essence of the human element within the organization. I’ve not forgotten that in my real estate investing. The wellbeing of our equity partners, management teams, and the tenants who live in the multifamily housing is of paramount importance. Though the focus is always on continually improving the functionality of the system for ultimate return on investment, the importance of all the people involved and affected by the system, is never forgotten.

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