Steed Talker

About Steed Talker Capital

Empowering the Development and Preservation of Financial Well-Being Through Passive Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Core Values

Aspire to Enfold the Fullness of Abundance

Authenticity – Be true to one’s core – the foundation for honest and trustworthy relationships.

Beneficent – Be the source for good in all things.

Unlimited – Practice the attitude of limitless possibilities.

Noetic – Strive to honor the sacred connection of Mind – Body – Spirit.

Diligent – Give 110% to all commitments.

Altruistic – Exude concern for the well-being of all creatures – humans and all others.

Nascent – Seek to evolve, emerge, develop, and grow.

Conscious – Awake to the gifts of one’s most sacred inner being.

Eco-Conscious – Respect the planet and champion its stewardship.

Ultimate Mission

Empower fulfilled professionals to dramatically enhance their financial well-being secured with hands-off passive multifamily real estate investments.

We can be good stewards and develop our financial well-being.

Through mutual endeavors to enhance the well-being of others, we can simultaneously:

  • Take pride in ownership of well-designed and expertly managed apartment communities
  • find fulfillment in being an integral part of a team that transforms crack-house communities into nurturing communities where unsupervised children can play safely in the playground
  • participate in solutions to solve the current USA housing shortage by providing affordable, comfortable, and esthetic workforce housing to underserved communities.

Worried about putting your money in the wrong investment?

Contact us today and we will guide you to the right path to make passive investment out of the real estate.

Giving With Passion

AboutAs the company name, Steed Talker Capital, implies, horses hold particular importance in Dr. Allen’s life. To that end, a significant portion of our investment profits goes to activities and organizations committed to better understanding the equine, leading to better, more humane treatment of horses worldwide.

In our modern world of massive technological advances, we have severed our connection with the natural world that nurtures and sustains us. Dr. Allen’s vision is that understanding and connecting with horses will give humanity a bridge to harmoniously reconnect with the natural world from which our life essence and inspiration always arise.