Steed Talker

About Steed Talker Capital

Creating financial independence for the busy professional!

We create relationships founded in trust to enhance well-being in all areas of life for every person involved. We use investment in multifamily housing, self-storage, mobile home parks, and RV parks as tools to develop abundant living for investors while providing esthetic and comfortable environments for our residents and guests.

Ultimate Company Goal

Create financial independence for busy professionals built on solid passive real estate investments.

About Dr. Allen Lomax

Dr. Allen Lomax is the Organizational Psychologist in Chief and the creator and founder of Steed Talker Capital, a real estate investment company that creates financial independence for busy professionals built on solid passive real estate investment.

My Personal Story

As an elementary school child Dr. Allen was labeled a “slow-learn.”  What today would be identified as dyslexia, in those days translated as “not very bright.”  This stigma, which became internalized, followed him into high school where the high school counselor recommended that he not consider college but rather should go into a trade.  The world told him and for a time he believed,  he was intellectually defective.  Today, Dr. Allen Lomax holds a Doctorate in Psychology.


Overcoming the internalized stigma of intellectual inferiority revealed the power of his core strengths of determination and tenacity.  Employing these characteristics with inherent strength of congruent empathic understanding, he found enormous fulfillment developing a successful leadership career in university education.  With easy of transition to real estate investing he has done fix-and-flip, buy-and-hold apartment rentals, spec home development, and mobile home park rentals. 

Through real estate investing he made a fortune then lost it all in 2007.  From the depths of loss and defeat, he has learned the art of persistent recovery to rise once again like the phoenix to recreate all that was lost.  He often reflects that the worst days of our lives can often be the best as they can be our greatest teachers.  

Worried about putting your money in the wrong investment?

Contact us today and we will guide you to the right path to make passive investment out of the real estate.

As the company name, Steed Talker Capital implies, horses hold special importance in Dr. Allen’s life.  To that end, a significant portion of his investment profits goes to activities and organizations that are committed to better understand the equine to lead to the better more humane treatment of horses worldwide.  In our modern world of massive technological advances, we have severed our connection with the natural world that nurtures and sustains us.  Dr. Allen’s vision is that understanding and connecting with horses will give humanity a bridge to harmoniously reconnect with the natural world from which our life essence and inspiration always arise.