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Real estate investing reimagined

Engage in your calling and create multiple streams of passive income

Stop trading time and energy for your livelihood:

  • Put your capital to work for your livelihood
  • Powerfully engage in your passion
  • Make the profound impact you dream of making

You are in the right place to discover how passionate professionals grow their wealth with passive hands-off commercial real estate investing while engaging in their calling to make galactic impact for humanity and the planet.

Recession Proof Your Nest Egg: With hands-off (passive) multifamily real estate investing

Join other professionals who are reclaiming their time while developing their wealth to live life abundantly

Investing your hard earned savings

Whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced real estate syndicator, before investing you want to be sure the investment is right for you.

The stock market is highly volatile. You need an alternative investment solution.  One that is non-correlated and stable, that you can trust, and that delivers a great return on your hard-earned savings.

You need a secure investment with the best ROI that "is secured by a tangible asset".


Worried about putting your money in the wrong investment?

Most investment opportunities don’t give you the autonomy or transparency you need to feel secure.

As a busy professional or entrepreneur, you know the system isn’t set up to allow your passions to provide financial well-being.

You’ve probably heard real estate is a great investment, but you’re not sure where to start. You might be worried about putting your money in the wrong investment, or with the wrong syndicator.

Your finance adviser may not know much about real estate investments. If you’re feeling confusion, frustration, and no desire to deal with the headaches of working with property maintenance and tenants, you need a better solution.

Your investment team understands your concerns because they’ve been where you are.

A few years ago, Dr. Allen Lomax wouldn’t have thought to get involved in real estate syndication. Having always been in control of his investment properties, he found security in controlling every step of the process.

But there’s a downside to being hyper-involved in your real estate investments – tenants, toilets, and trash equate to Trouble, Toil, and Turmoil!  The six “Ts” take away from the energy you could be putting into the passion of your calling.

It’s hard to trust a process you’re unfamiliar with. That’s why transparency in your investment is our top priority. Your Steed Talker Capital investment team knows the real estate business firsthand.  We are investors who are experienced with the syndication process and understand that real estate is the best ROI and passive income generator for passionate fulfilled professionals.

  • Empower

    Take control of your financial destiny and pursue your calling on your terms to make the impact you've dreamed of making.

  • Personal Fulfillment

    Achieving financial stability while pursuing your calling inspires a renewed sense of purpose and meaning enhancing your overall life satisfaction.

  • Diversify

    Create multiple streams of income for financial resilience and risk mitication to gain the freedom to pursue your calling without financial constraints

Imagine having peace of mind so you can fully focus your passion on the work of your calling while your investment works for you. Imagine transforming from using your time to make a living, to having the financial well-being and be empowered to engage more fully in your passion on your own terms.

You can do what you love empowered to live on your terms.

Your investment generates predictable, reliable, passive income, and financial well-being.

You have an experienced team of investors by your side to show you every step and keep you informed without having to be involved.

As the name of the business implies, horses hold special importance in my life. To that end, a significant portion of my investment profits go to activities and organizations that are committed to better understand the equine to enhance the horse/human relationship and lead to better more humane treatment of horses worldwide.

Dr. Allen Lomax


Learn From Successful Real Estate Investors

Listen to our podcast and hear from real people. Learn how to avoid mistakes and use top strategies that have been successful for other investors.

Real Estate Investing Abundance

From Zero to 100 Units: Mitchell England’s Roadmap to Real Estate Success and Financial Independence – REIA 466

From Zero to 100 Units: Mitchell England’s Roadmap to Real Estate Success and Financial Independence – REIA 466

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Mitchell England has a diverse background in real estate, both within investing and brokerage. Today he is heavily involved in growing their combined portfolio within Cadia Capital Group, building an engaged community inside of Zero to 100, as well as creating educational content and programming to help investors scale