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REIA 024 Brandon Bruckman: Understanding Your 1031 Exchange Options

Brandon Bruckman  

Understanding Your 1031 Exchange Options

Today Dr. Allen chats with Brandon Bruckman, who helps real estate investors, farmers, and business owners defer tax and invest in passive assets. Brandon is an adviser with Insight Real Estate Partners. He leads the due diligence and marketing efforts. 

Before working with Insight Real Estate Partners, Brandon founded West Chapman & Co., a consultancy that assists clients in growing their business by gaining insights through data. Brandon has helped large and small businesses in industries ranging from Financial Services to Logistics to Pharmaceuticals.  

Before founding West Chapman & Co., Brandon worked at a prominent hedge fund as the lead of fixed income financing. Following that experience, he co-founded a Healthcare consultancy that assisted hospitals in making vendor selections. Brandon learned discipline and a strong sense of morality from his mother. He gives her credit for his achievements in his professional life.

In today’s chat, learn from Brandon Bruckman the tax advantages of 1031 Exchanges. Also, discover the essential due diligence processes that mitigate risk and lead to successful passive investment. 

Main Points:

  • 1031 exchange is complicated  
  • You need to build a team for your exchange
  • Start planning your exchange before you sell your property
  • You have options for your replacement property beyond purchasing another investment for you to manage

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