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REIA 022 Stacy Rossetti: Real Estate Investing Expert and Coach

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Stacy Rossetti

                                   A Real Estate Investing Expert and Coach

Today Dr. Allen chats with Stacy Rossetti, a real estate investing expert and coach. Today, she owns and operates REI USA and StorageNerds. As a coach and teacher, she specializes in helping her students navigate real estate investing, rehabbing, and storage facilities. Together with her husband Pete and she currently owns and operates eight storage facilities. Investing in self-storage is their passion and how they have decided to build wealth.

Her early days in real estate were slow, exhausting, and hard, but little by little, she earned a sense of what worked and what she needed to do to achieve consistent results. Day after day, she works hard at what she does, striving to stay ahead of the curve by building on her knowledge and making shrewd decisions. In addition to investing in real estate herself, she has since discovered another passion in my life – coaching and empowering others.

In today’s chat, listen to Stacy’s inspiring journey from a beginner to a successful real estate investor and coach. She believes that constant learning and dedication always lead to the correct path.

3 Key Points from the episode:

  • Work hard at what you do and strive to stay ahead.
  • Invest passively through creative financing deals and storage facilities.
  • Learn through experience and mentors.

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