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REIA 78 Randy Langenderfer: If I Can Do It Anybody Can – Multi-Family Made Easy

Randy Langenderfer is President of InvestArk Properties, LLC focusing on creating investor value and passive income returns for the busy professional.  He has been in multi-family real estate since 2014 as both a general partner/key principal in 250 doors and a limited partner in over 4,000 doors.  InvestArk offers the busy professional, who wants to include multi-family in their portfolio, an opportunity to partner with experts who are aligned with their investment goals.

Main Points:

  • MF Education (network, podcasts, meetups, masterminds, etc.) otherwise it is just speculation
  • Take Action (analysis paralysis) – know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Its a Team sport – Build your own including Brokers, attorney’s, property managers, partners, etc. 
  • Persistence – take the long view, many different types of market but stay in it
  • Pay it forward – many have built into my life and I want to give back and help others

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