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REIA 267 Mike Ealy: From Broke to Millions

Mike Ealy started investing in 1999 but lost everything and even became homeless in 2002-2003. He was able to get back in the real estate game and he became financially independent just 4 years later. Today, he owns  1500 apartment units, 40+ houses, a few parcels of land, 4 hotels and an industrial warehouse. Mike is so successful in investing in multifamily that he even began to attract the attention of private investors in China. His story and what he has learned in the process of going from losing everything to being a multimillionaire in his book “From Broke to Millions”. Mike also teaches close to 31,000 apartment investors all over the world on how to succeed with apartment investing. Mike lives in Cincinnati, Ohio together with his wife Amy and children Mikee, Devin and Max.

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Main Points:

  • I lost it all
  • But I rose from the ruins
  • How?
  • How you can go from Broke to Millions
  • Creative real estate investing can be done
  • One can even buy a large apartment or even a hotel with NO MONEY DOWN

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