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REIA 010 Mark Pierce: The Passive Real Estate Investor and the Law

REIA 010 Mark Pierce: The Passive Real Estate Investor and the Law

Mark Pierce

The Passive Real Estate Investor and the Law

Today’s guest brings us a wealth of definitive knowledge from over 3 decades of experience as an Attorney, a CPA, and an Entrepreneur.  Much of his work has focused on securities so he is the go to guy when it comes to providing legal protection for the assets of passive investors who invest in real estate syndications. 

Mark, before we delve into matters of asset protection for passive real estate investors, tell us how did injuring your back end up saving your life?

Main Points:

  • Let’s begin with the basic question, what is the first and most fundamental thing every passive investor should do to protect their own and their family’s assets?
  • As syndicators, we do everything we can to protect and preserve our passive investors’ capital.  What beyond the basic corporate structure provided by a typical syndication offering should a passive investor do to protect their invested interests?
  • When evaluating a real estate investment offering, what are the bare minimum legal structures that a passive investor should see in an offering?  In other words, how should a typical syndication be structured for the protection of the limited partners?
  • Is it advisable for a passive investor to form an LLC for investing in real estate syndications rather than investing as an individual?
  • Is it really possible to do everything that’s involved in forming a legal entity within just an hour or two?  If so, how?
  • Is Wyoming really the best place for a passive investor to form their investing LLC?
  • Before we do the Deep Dive, what do you have to offer our Enlightened Investors?

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