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REIA 415 Andy McQuade: Stop Lighting Money On Fire

By focusing on Total Cost of Ownership, Andy has helped add over $5 million dollars in recurring, annual Net Operating Income and over $70 million dollars in asset value for his clients.

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Main point:

  • What is The Total Cost of Ownership Method? 
  • How can using Total Cost of Ownership in decision making help increase Net Operating Income? 
  • What specific things do you see that consistently cost owners more money? 
  • What can they do to fix it? 
  • Does your process involve cutting headcount or laying people off?

Connect with Andy McQuade:

Biography Andy McQuade:
Andy McQuade is the Managing Principal at The ARM Companies, a boutique consulting firm that provides guidance to business leaders in the real estate industry where he helps owners and operators increase their Net Operating Income. After almost 23 years working with real estate developers, investors and operators nationwide on the supply side of the industry, he left his w2 career and started working for himself. Since 2019, he developed The TCO Method™, a strategic framework that moves the decision-making process from the top down into Total Cost of Ownership, reducing and avoiding costs and helping his clients add over $5 million dollars in annual, recurring NOI and over $70 million dollars in asset value. — Andy grew up in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York, where he fell into his career after taking a summer job at a local lumberyard.  By the time he was 22, he was a General Manager of his own location.  He was headhunted by the big orange box late in 2007, where he started as a District Manager over their pro, b2b and commercial sales in the Rochester NY market at 28 years old.   By 2015, he was supporting 18 stores across two districts in upstate New York and had built the largest key account portfolio of property management customers in the US.   A 30-minute coffee that turned into a 3-hour conversation about procurement and purchasing with a VP at a large family-owned multifamily developer and operator led to Andy filing his first LLC in March of 2019 to consult full-time for the industry.   The rest, as they say, is history.  Andy is active in the local real estate industry in Rochester NY, serving on the Board of Directors for the Upstate Building Industry Alliance since 2016, and has helped operate and grow the local chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association, Freedom First REIA, Ltd., since March of 2020. He holds multiple industry certifications from the National Association of Home Builders as a Certified Green Professional (CGP), Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) and Certified Graduate Associate (CGA) as well as being a Total Resource Use and Efficiency Zero Waste Advisor (TRUE Advisor) with the US Green Building Council.   He hosts The TCO Method™ podcast, writes a newsletter and authored an upcoming book of the same name, and is active on social media in real estate circles on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, and Instagram.