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REIA 414 Anthony Simonie & Donald Stojack: Leverage LinkedIN to Attract Affluent Clientele

Anthony Simonie, a seasoned entrepreneur, helps businesses scale profits with a no-BS marketing and sales approach. Expert strategist.
Donald Stojack, a renowned strategist with a 40-year track record, collaborating with industry luminaries, enhancing business profitability.

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Main point:

  • How do you use LinkedIn to help RE syndicators find potential investors?

Questions for Anthony Simonie:

  • Can you share a specific example of how your “no-BS approach” to marketing and sales has helped a business scale its profits?
  • Given your experience in building both online and offline businesses, what key insights do you believe are universally applicable for business growth in today’s market?
  • How do you identify and capitalize on new and hidden profit opportunities for your clients, and what role do systems and processes play in this approach?
  • With your extensive background, could you highlight a challenging situation you encountered while helping a business grow, and how you navigated through it?
  • You’ve co-founded four successful online consulting and training companies. What lessons have you learned from these ventures that have shaped your current strategies for helping clients?

Questions for Donald Stojack:

  • With a background in the professional concert hall music world, how has your creative thinking from that realm influenced your approach to business strategy?
  • You’ve collaborated with notable figures like Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins. How has working with such influencers shaped your perspective on business success?
  • Can you provide insights into how you help business owners maximize their online presence and leverage LinkedIn for growth?
  • As an independent consultant, what specific areas do you focus on when advising business owners in terms of sales, marketing, and system optimization within online digital content marketing?
  • How do you bridge the gap between visionary ideas and tangible profitability for entrepreneurs, considering both the digital landscape and traditional business spheres?

 Connect with Anthony Simonie & Donald Stojack:

  • Book a complimentary LinkedIn Profile optimization session Text the word GUIDE to 737-373-4989

Biography Anthony Simonie & Donald Stojack:

After building multiple seven-figure online and offline businesses from scratch, Anthony turned his attention to helping other small and medium-sized operations scale profits by leveraging his unique no-BS approach to marketing and sales. You’ll often hear him say that “Results are all that matter.” For more than 16 years, his passion has helped businesses and professional service providers grow sales and profits by effectively leveraging unique marketing and sales strategies, both online and offline. Anthony has what some call a “gift” to find new and hidden profit opportunities and deploy systems and processes that predictably attract, convert, and retain high-quality clients and customers. Anthony has worked alongside some of the most brilliant business minds on the planet and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients. He’s successfully built three brick-and-mortar service-based businesses and co-founded four successful online consulting and training companies (serving more than 10,000 clients). He’s become a highly sought-after business strategist who is known for getting things done. Anthony is married with two children through adoption and resides in Austin, TX. 

Meet Donald Stojack, a results-oriented business strategist with an impressive track record spanning over four decades of entrepreneurial triumphs across diverse industry verticals. His unique flair for creative thinking is enriched by a distinguished career in the professional concert hall music world. Donald has collaborated with luminaries such as Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Eben Pagan, and Tony Robbins, adding valuable expertise to their teams. He serves on the team at Client Elevator providing business owners insights in how to maximize their online presence and leverage LinkedIn. In addition, Donald Stojack operates as an independent consultant, offering his wealth of experience to business owners. His focus lies in sales, marketing, and system optimization within the realm of online digital content marketing. Donald’s true passion lies in helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap between visionary ideas and tangible profitability, both in the digital landscape and the traditional business sphere. Donald Stojack – a strategist, a creative thinker, and a driving force behind business success.