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From Zero Doors to 10,000 in Five Years

From Zero Doors to 10,000 in Five Years

From Zero Doors to 10,000 in Five Years

Going From Zero Doors to 10,000 in Five Years seems like an impossible task when we believe it to be impossible.   The good thing is, that we can change our limiting mindset.  Changing our perspectives on the possible is challenging and takes more than just wakening one morning and saying, I can go from zero to 10,000 in five years.  Rather than a mindset shift, that falls under the umbrella of wishful thinking.

To lead towards a mindset shift, that awakening moment of inspiration must lead to action.  To sustain the mindset and set the course of accomplishing the goal, the best place to begin is education.  A mindset that will take us from zero to 10,000 is a mind that is full of knowledge and expertise.  This is more than wish fulfillment. This is a solid foundational mindset upon which to build a rigorous system complete with strategic processes.  Check out this blog post for information on blasting off your educational program – Consider These Things Before Joining a Real Estate Investing Course

The 5 Step Guide from those Who’ve Gone from Zero to 10,000 in Five Years

1. Build A Network

  • Each week meet 5 new people in your local business community for coffee or lunch
  • Attend at least five real estate investment meetups each month
  • Join your local real estate investment association and attend the meetings of nearby associations (Some associations now have a virtual option that opens other doors for networking)
  • Attend 3 or 4 real estate investment conferences within the year
  • Start a podcast
  • Sponsor a meetup

2. Develop partnerships

  • Following the above 6 steps to building a network will provide opportunities for partnerships
  • To be part of a partnership, you must bring something of value. Following are the best sources to attract partnerships:
    1. Bring the Money
      1. If you have money to bring, invest as a general rather than a limited partner so you can learn the business
    2. Bring the Deal
      1. If you don’t have the money, bring a deal
    3. Bring the skill, knowledge, and/or expertise that the potential partnership lacks
      1. If you don’t have money or a deal, take a personal inventory of your skills and abilities

3. Learn While in the First Deal

  • In the first deal with your new partnership involve yourself in every aspect of the project and LEARN
  • Every day evaluate the project for continuous quality improvement
  • Give the best you can give without expecting compensation

4. Develop Marketing Sklls

  • Use the tried and true: direct mail, cold calling, email, voice mail, text
  • Find the apps to systematize and use them

5. Put Your Knowledge & Expertise To Work

  • Find the deals
  • Attract the investors to fund the deals
  • Develop your asset management team
  • Develop your property management team


Going from zero to 10,000 doors in five years is possible.  It isn’t easy but it has been done and it can be replicated.  Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself at the top in five years.

Confused and Uncertain?

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