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Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Don’t Miss these 15 Podcasts if You’re a Real Estate Investor

Real estate investing as a means to financial freedom has stood the test of time.

The vast majority of millionaires who were not born into wealth started on their road to wealth through real estate investing.

The place we all must begin is with education. You can spend tons of money on real estate investing courses and coaching.

In today’s world of information, though, there are many free and still valuable sources of excellent information.

Real Estate Investing Podcasts Provide an Excellent Source of Education for the Novice and the Seasoned Investor

To get on course and stay on course as a real estate investor, one needs knowledge and education. Podcasts provide both. Suppose you are just finding that real estate offers multiple opportunities to develop wealth. In that case, podcasts are a great place to turn to. If you are a seasoned professional investor, podcasts will keep you up to date on the latest in the real estate investing industry.

Podcasts vary in style. For some podcasts, the host is the teacher, and the show is constructed as a purely educational platform. Others are interview shows that bring a vast array of knowledge information from expert guests.



Why Podcasts as a Way to Learn How to Invest Successfully in Real Estate?

With all sorts of handheld and desktop devices available at our fingertips, we can choose the device and the time that serves us best. We can take our phones on a hike or to the gym. While preparing a meal, we can listen to our favorite podcast. If we are a commuter, podcasts can keep us engaged without distracting from the road.

By using time otherwise spent, we can vastly contribute to our learning and acquisition of knowledge.

  • Podcasts give us access to the minds and experiences of some of the most successful people in the investment industry.
  • We will learn about the tried and proven tips used by the best
  • We can stay on top of the trends in the economy and the real estate market
  • We can learn the basics of getting started
  • We can not only tune into the success stories, but we can learn from the set-backs and disappoints of those who ultimately overcame
  • Podcast hosts can become our personal mentors without shelling out thousands of dollars
  • Seasoned investors can often be surprised by what they didn’t know

Podcasts Focused on Passive Income Investing for the Busy Professional

Yes, we are starting out the list of the best real estate investing podcasts with our own show. As the saying goes, “If you don’t toot your own horn, nobody else will either.”

So toot our own horn, we will proudly do. Real Estate Investing Abundance.

Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

What’s it about

This is the podcast for busy professionals fulfilled in our calling to learn to develop financial streams of passive income independent of the labor and effort in the work of our calling.

What’s in it for you

Even though as passionate professionals fulfilled in the work of our calling, the reality is that we exchange time and effort for money.  As long as we exchange labor and time for money, we live with the insecurity of knowing that our stream of income could come to an end at any moment.

Such insecurities are not imaginary as that very thing happened to me, and I wasn’t prepared.

Real Estate Investing Abundance is here for professionals like you, so you do not have to experience the financial hardships that it did.  

What’s the content

The show brings you in contact with investment leaders who are experts in passive real estate investing through syndication, lending, property management, and other forms of financial instruments. Through their examples, we learn how we, too, can develop passive financial streams of income. Through these examples, we can learn how to continue in the work of our calling and at the same time set ourselves free from exchanging time and effort for money.

We have many favorites, but to find your own favorite, check out these podcasts on your own.


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Pancham Gupta, the host of the Gold Collar Investor, is a first-generation immigrant. He has a passion for helping people understand the advantages of investing in non-correlated asset classes, particularly real estate. His focus is on assisting high-paid professionals. His goal is to help them shift from using their time to make money to put their money to work to create financial freedom for time freedom.

Topics have included the following and many more:

  • Active investment to very passive investments
  • The many different approaches that real estate investing can take
  • Tax benefits of real estate investing
  • Asset protection
  • Retirement accounts as sources of funding

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

Real Estate Investing Podcast with Brief but Targeted Real Estate Advice


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Angelo Christian, the host of Angelo Christian Podcast, is an investor and entrepreneur.

He has been featured in Bloomberg, CNN, Good Morning America, Great Day Houston, Houston Chronicle, Business Insider.

Angelo has a burning desire to inspire millions of people to max out their life to reach the highest version of themselves.

Through his influential podcast and coaching programs, he has helped thousands transform their mindsets and change their lives to find financial independence.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

Best Real Estate Investing Podcast for Woman Entrepreneurs and Investors


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

#1 Leading Ladies is a powerhouse podcast FOR women BY women. The host, Kaylee MacMahon, has been involved in over 2 million real estate acquisitions as a fundamental principle and many more millions as a full-time syndicator and general partner.

The podcast focuses on inspiring women to create independence and leave co-dependent and toxic relationships. With the inspiration from the podcast, women remove these blocks that stand in their way of visualizing and bringing into being the financial independence they conceive.

The podcast is bringing more women into the world of real estate investing.

The show emphasizes 3 fundamental principles:

  • Continue learning
  • Always ask ‘Why’ before making financial decisions
  • Never accept advice from someone who has never been there and done that

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

Invest in Real Estate for Cash Flow from Single-Family Homes


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Passive Real Estate Investing is the show where busy professionals learn how to develop a substantial passive income that leads to long-term wealth.

The host of the show, Marco Santarelli, is himself an investor. He has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur. He is also an author and the founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, a company specializing in bringing investors cash-flowing investment properties.

He is on a mission to help one million people to create wealth through passive income. His dream is to see these people create financial freedom through real estate investing.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

  • Ask Marco – Rapid Fire Listener Questions
  • Single-Family vs. Multifamily Rental Property

Family-Focused Real Estate Investing Podcasts


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

The husband and wife team, Pili and Jason Yarusi, are the co-hosts of the Multifamily Live Podcast. The show is informative but also entertaining. Both hosts are warm and engaging. Pili and Jason are active real estate syndicators and co-manage the real estate investment company they co-founded. Their firm repositions properties to rebrand them and increase the return on investment for investors.

The podcast covers all things Multifamily.

Topics covered include:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Renovations
  • Rebranding
  • Capital raising
  • Financing
  • Underwriting
  • Asset management, and much more

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Think Multifamily is co-hosted by the husband and wife team, Mark and Tamiel Kenney. Their company by the same name as the podcast, Think Multifamily, is a leading multifamily acquisition and educational company. A trademark of the company is its family-oriented approach to investing.

The couple is invested in over 8,000 doors. The podcast provides education and resources that bring investors opportunities. No matter what stage one is on in their investment journey, there is something for everyone in every episode of the podcast.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

Podcasts for Real Estate Beginners and Beyond


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

The host of Pillars of Wealth, Todd Dexheimer, is a former high school Industrial Tech teacher. Todd has delved into many different segments of the real estate investment industry. In 2008 he began his real estate career by buying and renovated single-family homes. He later transitioned to real estate syndicator and has invested in over $35 million in assets from apartments to office and retail. Todd uses the podcast as one avenue to help teach and coach others who are seeking financial freedom.

The podcast is comprehensive and has value for not just beginners, but seasoned investors can also benefit from the vast array of topics covered in the various episodes.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Two brothers, Oscar and German Buendia, are co-hosts of the informative and engaging GoodDay Capital Podcast. The podcast will educate and inspire confidence to motivate and lead to financial independence through rock-solid real estate investing.

Each episode features successful real estate investors, lenders, property managers, and coaches associated with commercial real estate.

The podcast has something to offer any investor that has an interest in commercial real estate investing.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Discovering Multifamily Podcast is hosted by Brian Leonard, a former NHL Fullback, and Anthony Scandariato, a cum laude graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Management.

The show features discussions designed to help the audience gain financial freedom through multifamily apartment investing. Each episode brings to the platform successful investors, mentors, various entrepreneurs, and other leaders in their fields of expertise. Each episode brings education and wisdom from the masters.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

  • Developing Over 3,400 Apartment Units With $1B in Exits with Scott Choppin
  • From the Air Force to Passive Turn-Key Real Estate Investor with Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Hosted by Alpesh Parmar, Wealth Matters seeks to change lives by educating the audience on investing in growing wealth together. The show brings the wealth of wisdom from many corners of the investment industry to generously share with viewers and listeners.

The podcast is all about making SMART investment decisions. The underpinning philosophy of the podcast is the idea that anybody can be wealthy with a mindset built on a solid belief that the more you give, the more you receive.

Alpesh is the co-author of the Amazon best-selling book, Resilience-Turning Your Set-back Into A Comeback.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

The host of Simple Passive Cash Flow, Lane Kawaoka, is a Licensed Professional Engineer. He holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Management. Currently in his portfolio are 21 apartment complexes, a couple of mobile home parks, and assisted-living facilities scattered across several states.

Featured in the theme song of Simple Passive Cash Flow is the Ukulele he purchased when he was 13 after making $2,000 while working a summer job picking pineapples.

The podcast brings mountains of wisdom from Lane’s vast experiences as a real estate investor. He began investing in single-family for appreciation and soon realized the benefits of cash-flow investing when he completely changed his strategy.

The show brings beginners and seasoned investors advantageous, timely education and information with a broad range of investing knowledge.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

Broad-Based Discussions of a Variety of Real Estate Investing Topics for Financial Freedom


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

You’ll find no gimmicks here at The Multifamily Rock Stars podcast – just rock-solid real-time real estate investing information and education. The podcast is hosted by Ryan Christopher. Here you will find value add real estate investing-centered content. This is the podcast for you if you want to rapidly progress in your multifamily real estate investment career.

Each episode feature industry leaders that have personally inspired him on his own investment journey. As a host, Ryan strives to ask better questions that explore the deeper and more meaningful aspects of investment strategies.

Before real estate, Ryan was a number one salesperson in the oil and gas derivatives marketplace while employed at a Wall Street bank.

Since taking the leap into real estate investing, Ryan has invested in over $34 million in assets through several states.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate podcast is hosted by Kyle and Lalita. In each episode, you are introduced to top experts in their respective fields. You’ll meet seasoned professional and expert seasoned investors. Kyle and Lalita help bring clarity to the investment topics discussed in every interview.

As real estate investors, they focus on Multifamily with over $17 million in assets under management. They maintain a spirit of positively impacting the lives of their investors and the communities they serve.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes


Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor

Kent Ritter hosts the Podcast Ritter on Real Estate. The podcast gives viewers and listeners a front-row seat to real estate the top experts in the real estate investment industry.

Every episode explores the strategies and tools that will make you a better passive investor. Complex concepts are broken down into practical step-by-step actions that can be followed to financial success. This show is for the general investment audience, but it is geared to those who what to take their passive real estate investing to the level of the pros.

A Couple of Our Favorite Episodes

Don't Miss these 15 Podcasts if You're a Real Estate Investor


Not only do we tune in to every podcast that we have recommended, but we have also interviewed every podcast host on the list of the top 15 podcasts. We know through these in-depth interviews that these hosts are people of worth and value. Not just because they are successful investors but, more importantly, because they are people who care about people.

Each host knows what it is like to walk through trials and tribulations and get back up and go after it again. With their crucial understanding of themselves as humans and compassion for all of humanity, their podcasts bring not just knowledge and education, but they inspire us to greater heights and encourage us on our own journeys.


With so many investment options, confusion as to where to invest leads to inaction. Schedule a FREE—NO OBLIGATION – NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Or email me with your questions and thoughts at I’ll help you sort it all out, and you’ll soon be on your way to prosperous investing in living more abundantly in all areas of life.

About the Author – Dr. Allen Lomax

photo of author dr. allen lomaxWith careers in academia, podcasting, and real estate investing, Dr. Allen Lomax inspires us to break open our minds’ secrets to success. Through passive real estate investments, he helps engaged professionals create time freedom to live abundantly in all life’s areas.