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Kavitha Baratakke

REIA 005 Kavitha Baratakke: Holding over 2200 Doors and $100 Million in Real Estate Assets

Kavitha Baratakke

Holding over 2200 Doors and $100 Million in Real Estate Assets

Today Dr. Allen chats with Kavitha Baratakke, a principal at Cherry Street Investments is an Austin-based Real Estate investor and a full-time Multifamily Sponsor with over 10 years of investing experience in single family and multi-family real estate. Prior to real estate, she spent 19+ years as a Technology Professional working for IBM and Atlassian in various roles across Software Development, Customer Services, Partner Relations and Technical Account Management.  She brings strong analytical, problem-solving and presentation skills from her technology background to real-estate.

She was determined from her childhood experience that she need to be financially stable and for that she worked hard also been through a lot of transition but she always made sure that she is financially stable. In real estate, she initially started with single-family homes and gradually moved to passive investment. She has invested in over $100m/2200+ doors worth of assets as a Limited Partner and over $80m of assets as a General Partner. She is primarily focused on Multifamily but is actively exploring other asset classes as well.

In today’s chat, listen to Kavitha’s eventful journey from India to a successful real estate investor in the USA. Her journey inspires upcoming generations to also work for financial freedom and independence through real estate investing.

3 Key Points from the episode:

1. If you’re not sure about due diligence, consult an attorney.

2. Share your experience with others it helps to create brand.

3. Due diligence is a must before arriving at any decision.

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