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REIA 203 Dani Beit-Or: Why Boring Real Estate is The Better Way yo Invest for the Busy Person

With over 18 years of experience investing in US real estate, Dani uses his knowledge and experience to secure financial growth for beginners to experienced investors.Since 2004, Dani has worked with many hundreds of investors on close to 5,000 transactions, helping them to build strong real estate property portfolios by investing in various US metros, all done remotely.

Dani helps both beginners and experienced investors by customizing each strategy based on experience, age, goals, knowledge, and financial abilities.Simply Do It, Dani’s investment network, have set strong systems and process for investor to properly and correctly invest in residential rental in multiple Us metros.

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Main Points:

  • What is boring investing
  • Investing in current times and how to hedge yourself
  • How to execute remote investing
  • SFH as a major growth engine
  • What is the mortgage miracle we have in the US
  • Ways to mitigate typical property managers

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Biography of Dani Beit-Or:

Born in Israel Dani started investing in Us real estate after completing 3 years in the Israeli military special forces and getting his engineering degree.  He started investing while working for Israeli hi-tech companies and after realizing that the road to wealth is not one that can be accomplished while working long hours for big and small corporations, but rather leveraging his income to buy real estate. 
Dani Beit-Or has a story to tell— and he’s willing to share it with interested people all over the nation. It’s a story about success; about having a dream, working for it and making that dream a reality. Beit-Or invests in real estate for a living. He has been doing it since he was, as he says, “life-finances illiterate” as a young man in Israel. Now, he knows exactly what he is doing.
As a young man, he had a good job with an engineering firm, making a satisfactory salary. But, he knew that he would not build wealth that way, and he had college debts to repay. His dreams were bigger than his situation at the time, and he began to look at investments. Real estate investment intrigued him. Now, years later, it still does.