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REIA 33 William Walker: Burn the Ships, Max Out the Credit Card, and Acquire 1300 Units in 18 Months

With today’s guest, we will learn what it means to burn the ships, max out our credit cards, and discover the road to acquiring over thirteen hundred units in 18 months.  Our guest has participated as a Key Principle in over 75 million multifamily acquisitions and 12 residential developments.  He began his career with Ernst & Young in their Transaction Real Estate practice and is a licensed CPA.  In twenty-eighteen he joined with experienced partners to directly serve Enlightened Investors like you who are seeking passive streams of income to develop financial independence for time-freedom to live abundantly.  

Bullet Points:                

  • Early Influences, humble roots, and building strong work ethic
  • Finding my why, maxing out credit cards, and consulting Mid American Apartments on 20,000 unit acquisition
  • Burn the ships and a leap of faith
  • Starting from the bottom: Nash/Chatt investor group, A 16 unit in Cleveland TN, and Building houses in Nashville
  • Partnerships, Timing & the road to acquiring 1,389 units in 18 months
  • New Development & Vision for the Future
  • Case study deal

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