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REIA 120 Victor Menasce: Stop Chasing Deals, Create Deals At Will

Victor Menasce is Senior Partner with Y Street Capital and host of the daily Real Estate Espresso Podcast. His firm specializes in new development projects across the US and Canada.

Main Points:

  • What are your criteria for investing?
  • What is the land lottery?
  • Buy On The Line, Move The Line.
  • Why it’s easier to go bigger.
  • BRRR for large projects.
  • Your role as a project leader.

Connect with Victor:

  • (613) 762-0162

Listen to the podcast here or on your favorite podcast app:

Watch the Episode here:

Biography Of Victor Menasce:

Victor is author of “Magnetic Capital.” He is the host of the daily Real Estate Espresso Podcast. For his day to day work, he is Senior Partner with Y Street Capital,  specializes in development of new construction multi-family apartments, assisted living, industrial, and residential subdivisions in several markets across North America. 

Prior to moving into real estate development, Victor held roles as Vice President of Engineering at Wavesat, a developer of chips for wireless networks, and Chief Technical Officer at Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC), a Silicon Valley based public company that develops microprocessors for numerous consumer products including televisions and gaming. Victor spent most of his early career in field of microprocessor design and development. His chips have routed a significant percentage of the phone conversations in much of the world for over two decades.