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REIA 313 Victor Bell: How Investors in the Real World Invest

Victor Bell is a real estate investor, the CEO of Bell Capital, a best selling author, and a speaker on business and money

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Main Points:

  • How to Get started
  • How to get connected 
  • Why the old way of connecting doesn’t work 
  • Obvious ways to fail when investing with a manager or deal
  • One thing investors should do in todays market

Connect with Victor Bell:

  • 8087781326
  • Insta: @therealvictorbell
  • Twitter: @victorbell365
  • Youtube: @bellcapital
  • Podcast: The Real Estate Club

Biography of Victor Bell:

Victor Bell has transacted over $59 million in real estate transactions in seven states including Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Vegas, Ohio, and Michigan. Victor is also known as one of Amazon’s #1 best-selling authors, real estate trainer, and a top speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance. Victor Bell has been investing in Multi-Family Real Estate since the mid-1990s.

About Bell Capital
 Bell Capital acquires and manages real estate properties with a focus on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation. Victor Bell Founder and CEO, created Bell Capital to provide everyday investors access to the institutional-level real estate deals in great markets that are normally reserved for only larger investors.