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REIA 233 Vernon Beckford: Make Real Estate Debt Your Friend: How You Can Achieve Exponential Growth By Making Lenders Fall in Love with Your Next Project.

As a double Ivy League educated, real estate financier, Vernon Beckford helps small and mid-sized real estate operators achieve exponential growth by obtaining debt to fund their projects.

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Main Points:

  • Many small sponsors fail to achieve the growth they want because they do not create compelling narratives to get their projects funded. 
  • To obtain the absolute best loan terms available in the market, you must master the art of “objection smoothing.”
  • Self-sabotage is real. There is more to a deal than the interest rate and a deal starts, not ends, with a term sheet. 
  • You may have worked with a mortgage broker. But have you worked with a mortgage advisor? They aren’t the same.

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Biography Of Vernon Beckford:

Vernon Beckford is the CEO of Diversified Lending Solutions, where he arranges financing for small-to-midsized real estate operators and developers. Mr. Beckford has fifteen years of experience and leadership in investment management, debt and equity joint ventures, commercial mortgage origination, and distressed loan workouts.  Concurrent with his roles at large companies, he had made early-stage investments in tech and operating businesses as well as commercial real estate.

Prior to launching DLS, Vernon spent five years on the Investments team at Global Atlantic Financial Group, formerly Goldman Sachs Reinsurance, where he helped build the Real Estate Group, which invested opportunistically in senior, mezzanine, and bridge loans, commercial mortgage-backed securities, and participated in joint ventures on ground-up real estate developments.

Vernon also worked at asset management firm CW Capital, where oversaw distressed workouts on loans in excess of $200 million, serving as the negotiating party with property landlords. He began his career in New York at Credit Suisse, where he worked in the Structured Finance Group domestically and in Japan, focusing on loan originations and securitization.

Vernon holds a B.A. from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.