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REIA 336 Tony Castronovo: Why Your Assumptions About Quitting Your Job Are Wrong

Tony Castronovo, Founder & Managing Partner of Novo Multifamily Group, is a seasoned multifamily real estate investor with experience in acquisition, due diligence, syndication, capital raising, construction, asset management, and overall asset strategy implementation.  He has been invested in over 900 units, including a combination of general partner, limited partner, and independent ownership. Tony complements his background with a 25-year management consulting career, advising clients on project investment portfolio management.  Finally, Tony is the founder of Grit to Growth, a transition & performance coaching business where he helps empower entrepreneurs to live an intentional life by design!

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Main Points:

  • How realistic is it to create enough passive income to quit your job and live financial freedom?
  • What was your biggest surprise after quitting your job and going full-time in real estate?
  • How did you pivot in order to address your big surprise?
  • What was one of your greatest challenges in real estate and how did you overcome it?
  • What is Grit to Growth?
  • What are the Six Stages of Entrepreneurship and how can coaching help?

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Biography of Tony Castronovo:

Tony Castronovo, Founder & Managing Partner, is a multifamily real estate investor with 9 years experience in acquisition, underwriting, contract negotiation, due diligence, syndication, capital raising, construction & renovations, operations, asset management, and overall asset strategy implementation. Mr. Castronovo is also a seasoned management consultant (previously with Ernst & Young), utilizing 25 yrs of experience advising clients on project portfolio investment management.  He holds higher education degrees in Engineering and Construction Management.