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REIA 158 Todd Pultz: From Trailer Park to Triumph, Real Estate Investing is the Key vehicle to success

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Todd Pultz is a Serial Entrepreneur that found financial freedom through Real Estate Investing

Main Points:

  • Largely recognized as an expert real estate investor and mentor
  • Leading investment realtor is Dayton, OH
  • Specializes is value add properties and turning them around, specifically C to D+
  • Owns and operates successful Property management group
  • Currently in 1st new development of 116 townhomes
  • Todd and wife own and operate developmental disability facilities and mental health facilities
  • Todd believes in multiple streams of income (7-10) to be exact and acquiring assets through infinite banking
  • Master of the BRRRR strategy

Connect with Todd:

Biography of Todd Pultz:

Growing up Poor in Dayton, OH, Todd found a grind to do more, see more, be more and make more than his parents and those around him. Real Estate Investing became the ticket and Todd has grown his long-term portfolio to over 600 doors while his property management company handles another 500 doors for investors.

Todd is also recognized as one of the top investment realtors in his area. His team still focuses on flips and wholesales to fund the other companies. Todd and his wife also own and operate developmental disability homes as well as mental health facilities. They have 3 awesome kids and love to travel the world