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REIA 182 Tim Vitale: How selling everything to go all in, changed everything!

Tim Vitale is the Managing Partner of Upside Capital based out of Wilmington, NC. He spent 10 years in the corporate finance world and achieved the ranking AVP of Finance for a Fortune 500 Insurance Company prior to leaving his W2 life to pursue real estate full time. He specializes in underwriting, analysis, and budgeting. Tim was born into a real estate family, owns rental property in the Charlotte North Carolina, and syndicates apartments throughout the Southeast USA Markets.

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Main Points:

  • Syndicate apartments in the southeast with 232 doors closed and another 225 under contract. Total portfolio will be $30M AUM in less than 12 months using $0 of my own money.
  • How HR telling me I had to go back to the office changed the trajectory of my real estate career
  • Networking and being a go-giver was the key to my success, how I got “in” to my first deal with mentors
  • Lessons learned on how to leverage OPM on the General Partner and Limited Partner side

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