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REIA 96 Tim Milzaao: How to Navigate the Debt Markets to Boost Real Estate Returns

Tim certainly knows how to navigate the debt markets as he is the founder and CEO of StackSouce, one of the nation’s fastest-growing commercial real estate finance companies.

Main Points:

  • How commercial financing differs from residential financing
  • What’s happening in the capital markets in 2021
  • Why debt is key to scaling your real estate investment portfolio
  • How technology is bringing real estate investing and financing into the future
  • Founding and growing a proptech startup

Connect with Tim:

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Biography of Tim Milzaao:

Tim Milazzo is the co-founder & CEO of StackSource, a tech-enabled commercial real estate financing platform. StackSource has now completed more than $250 Million of commercial financing transactions. They are re-inventing the stagnant mortgage brokerage model with a tech-enabled marketplace/service.
Tim speaks from experience when he says that the best possible financing for a commercial/multifamily real estate deal doesn’t have to be painful. StackSource brings transparency to commercial financing.
Prior to StackSource, Tim worked for tech giants Facebook and Google where he helped expand B2B marketplaces in ad tech. Years ago, he interned at a top NYC real estate company before the current real estate tech wave. He comes from a family with history in real estate