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REIA 106 Terry Campbell: Explore the possibilities of Self-storage as Our Next Great Investment

Terry Campbell is a 20 year self-storage building manufacturing expert and currently is EVP of Self-storage lending at Live Oak Bank. He is an Investor in 6 Self-storage facilities across the Southeast.  And, he is a frequently presents at many self-storage educational events across the nation.

Main Points:

  • Why self-storage is such a great business?
  • Why is self-storage so popular now?
  • What are the different ways to get into the business?
  • Do I have to be there all the time?
  • How do I finance a self-storage?
  • How are self-storage facilities valued?

Connect with Terry:

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Biography of Terry:

Growing up on a farm, work ethic was instilled in Terry at a young age. Working with family on the poultry and beef cow farm as well as working on a dairy farm and in tobacco, he decided that this was something that he didn’t want to do the rest of his life and started seeking out other ways to make a living.

Not long out of high school, Terry became a drafter at a laboratory equipment manufacturer in Statesville, NC. He was there for 10 years when he decided that he wanted more for himself and his young, growing family.

He started his career in self-storage January of 1995 when he started as a drafter and estimator at a self-storage building supplier. Over the years he had advanced through the company to various positions, mostly in sales and marketing. Eventually he was executive Vice-President of Operations as well as Vice President of Sales and Marketing before he left the company to join Live Oak Bank as the Industry Expert for the self-storage division.  He is currently also the GM of the self-storage lending division at Live Oak.

Terry has taken several self-storage courses and also has taken various courses at different colleges as they related to his positions. Many were at the Kenan Flagler Business School at UNC Chapel hill. When asked where he went to school or got his degree, he usually answers from the School of Hard Knocks.

As his first venture into self-storage ownership, He was a partner in a 76,000 sf self-storage facility that was built from the ground up in Northern Virginia in 2002. He was also a managing partner of that facility at one point.

He is currently a partner in 6 different self-storage facilities throughout the Southeast.

He has also been a board member of the NC self-storage association several times and was involved in the beginning of the association in the early 2000’s.

Terry writes articles for trade publications, speaks at seminars, trade shows, round tables and does webinars for the industry.

Terry and his wife of 34 years have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.