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REIA 209 Ted Greene: Lending costs are up, what’s next

Ted Greene is the Investor Relations Manager for Spartan Investment Group.  He has over 24 years of investment advisor representative and compliance officer experience.  As an entrepreneur he developed and ultimately sold a Self-Directed IRA facilitation company, which lead him to his current endeavors with Spartan.

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Main Points:

  • Who is Spartan Investment Group?
  • What about rising interest rates?
  • Are Cap rates to low to make money?
  • Where are properties priced from a cap rate perspective?
  • What does Spartan look for to protect investors?
  • Who are the big buyers in the marketplace?
  • Where is the market headed from here?

Connect with Ted Greene:

  • +1 (425) 777-0496

Biography of Ted Greene:

24 years investment advisor representative, including 17 years at Merrill Lynch. 6 years chief compliance officer for Registered Investment Advisor.

Started and sold (with business partner) a Self-Directed IRA facilitation company to Yieldstreet in 2019. Moved to Spartan Investment Group at the completion of that sale.