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Revamping Rentals: Harnessing Tech and Expertise for Modern Property Management with Dana Dunford - REIA 467

Revamping Rentals: Harnessing Tech and Expertise for Modern Property Management with Dana Dunford – REIA 467

Main Theme:
In this episode, Dr. Allen Lomax dives into the evolving landscape of rental property management, especially for small property owners. The focus is on leveraging technology and transitioning from outdated self-management methods to more sophisticated systems and practices.

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Dana Dunford, CEO of Hemlane

Key Discussion Points:

Self-Management Challenges:

  • Many small landlords are still managing properties using outdated methods, leading to inefficiencies and potential losses.

Transition to Syndicates and Institutional Investors:

  • Dana Dunford discusses the advantages of small landlords moving towards syndicates and institutional investment structures to optimize property management.

Time Valuation and Expertise:

  • Emphasizing the importance of valuing one’s time and becoming an expert in property management to maximize returns and minimize hassles.

Automation and Technology:

  • Exploring how technology can streamline property management tasks through automation, improving efficiency and convenience for both owners and tenants.
  • Digital disruption in real estate is predicted to bring immediate services and easy accessibility.

Human Involvement in Repairs:

  • While automation is beneficial, certain tasks like repair coordination still require a human touch to ensure quality and responsiveness.

Virtual Assistants for Property Management:

  • Introduction of a service offering virtual assistants to provide transparency and control for property owners, covering aspects such as accounting, repair coordination, and leasing services.

Comprehensive Property Management System:

  • Description of a robust property management system with features including maintenance scheduling, tenant communication, and financial tracking.
  • The system offers a free trial for landlords, enabling them to manage tasks like advertising, background checks, and maintenance requests effectively.

This episode underscores the necessity for small landlords to embrace technology and professional management practices to enhance efficiency, improve tenant relations, and ultimately increase profitability. Adapting to modern methods can lead to significant benefits, from streamlined operations to greater transparency and control.

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Biography Of Dana Dunford:

Dana Dunford CEO and Co-founder, Hemlane Dana Dunford is the CEO of Hemlane, a venture-backed property management platform with over 24,000 rentals. She is a strong advocate of purchasing properties anywhere, as the best investments are not typically in your backyard. She supports real estate investors in setting up the most intelligent process to manage rentals from a distance, while connecting them with local, licensed professionals. In 2018, Dana was named one of the top 20 women leaders and influencers in commercial real estate tech. Dana previously worked at Apple on their worldwide financial planning and analysis team and at Nest, the home technology company acquired by Google for $3.2B, in business development. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School. In her free time, Dana is an avid equestrian, paraglider, and skier. She is the first woman to win a calf dressing championship belt buckle at the CA Rodeo. She takes risks in her personal life but spends her work life advocating technology and prudent spending for a risk-mitigated solution to real estate management.