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REIA 374 Taylor Loht: Building Passive Wealth with Multifamily & Self Storage

Taylor Loht is a Multifamily & Self Storage investor who helps busy pros escape the Wall Street casino & build wealth on Main Street with real estate, through his podcast The Passive Wealth Strategy Show and his company NT Capital.

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Main point:

  • What are the top factors that hold back new real estate investors?
  • What are a few red flags in passive real estate investing?
  • How can investors deal with rising interest rates?
  • What are common passive investing mistakes?
  • When evaluating a market or opportunity, how are multifamily and self storage alike? How do they differ?

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Biography Taylor Loht:

Taylor Loht is an experienced Multifamily and Self Storage real estate investor, who decided to break into real estate in 2015 following Wall Street’s major correction that year. In the time since he made the shift, Taylor has acquired, invested in, partnered on, or otherwise had a hand in over $150 Million in Multifamily & Self Storage Real Estate Investment Deals. Taylor has experience on both sides of the podcast interview – both as guest and host. He knows what it takes to make a podcast interview engaging, informative, and worthy of your listeners’ time. Be sure to check out Taylor’s podcast, The Passive Wealth Strategy Show. Listeners learn how to escape Wall Street and Build Wealth on Main Street. New episodes every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.