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REIA 80 Stephen Sykes: Begin Where You Are Not From Where You Came From

With roots in the Midwest, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest Stephen Sykes began investing in real estate in 2005 in Portland and in Omaha in 2015. 

Main Points:

  • Background doesn’t foretell future experience
  • OPM – Leveraging Money to Create Wealth
  • Identifying and Sustaining the Success Mindset
  • Fear and Risk – How they play together
  • Time Value
  • Partnerships and why they matter – how they complement each other
  • Managing Properties

Connect with Stephen: 

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Biography of Stephen Sykes:

As Principal Broker at Cascade Real Estate Group and Partner at Park Avenue Capital Stephen seeks to leverage his experience in real estate investing and development for the benefit of clients and partners. He has acquired positions in multiple projects across the Midwest and holds real estate Broker’s licenses in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa.

At Park Ave Capital, Stephen focuses on acquiring and operating multifamily projects that create near-term and long-term wealth for his partners and clients. In his role as managing broker at Cascade Real Estate Group Stephen, with his partners, Collin Schwartz and Chris Pomerleau, runs a real estate investment studio designed for passive investors, real estate entrepreneurs, and top producing agents.

He structure real estate projects for long-term wealth generation. Reach out to Stephen directly to discuss upcoming partnership opportunities, collaborations for raising funds for larger projects, real estate brokerage, and discussions about the long-term tax and wealth creation benefits of multifamily investing.