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REIA 260 Steff Boldrini: How to Manage Your Properties Remotely

Steffany is originally from Brazil and moved to Silicon Valley 20 years ago, where she had a successful career in tech sales.  For the past three years, Steffany has focused on commercial real estate investing after receiving inspiration from sophisticated real estate investors. She has invested in three different asset classes achieved 36% cash on cash returns. 

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Main Points:

  • How to find talent
  • Implementing technology
  • Meeting people virtually 

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Biography of Steff Boldrini:

In2010, Steff Boldrini founded a market place focused on natural, organic, and non-toxic products. Since then, she has won multiple awards as a sales leader at successful startups (one of which went public and is worth nearly 50B, and another has been sold to Microsoft). Through her personal experience as an angel investor and through the experiences of her circle of friends in Silicon Valley, Steffany came to realize that she much preferred investing in real estate instead of startups This was primarily for the security that having an asset-based investment provided, versus potentially losing 100% of her investment in an angel investing scenario, in addition to the dilution of her equity as the startups in which she invested grew.