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REIA 132 Sridhar Sannidhi: How you can transition from a salaried employee to a financially independent commercial real estate investor

Sridhar is an IT Professional, Graduate in Computers and Information Management, an Entrepreneur, a Nature lover, and a visionary.  Through real estate syndication Sridhar helps investors progress to financial freedom.

Main Points:

  • Why cash flow is very important?
  • Why commercial real estate (multi-family in particular?)
  • How leverage helps accelerate wealth growth?
  • Why multi-family investments?
  • What are the education and other requirements to be an investor?

Connect with Sridhar:

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Biography of Sridhar Sannidhi:

  • Graduated in Master of Science in Information Management and Computer Science
  • Engineering, Working in IT industry for more than 29 years
  • Accredited, Deal Syndicator, Passive Investor in Commercial and Residential
  • Seeks Value Add/ Stable properties in Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Co-sponsored aprox 2500 units in 8 multi-family complexes in Texas and Tennessee
  • (over 250 mil USD)
  • Passively invested over 6000+ multi-family unit syndications in US (over 550 mil USD)
  • Expert in Financial Analysis and Statistical modeling
  •  Highly collaborative, focused and results oriented team player
  • Loves travel, watching movies, participating in Charity events