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REIA 41 Sharon Vornholt: How to Create an Endless Stream of Leads for your Real Estate Investing Business with Probate Investing

Sharon Vornholt began investing in 1998 focusing on rehabbing and rentals until the market crashed in 2008 when she became an accidental wholesaler. She is a blogger and a podcaster who is best known as a marketing and branding expert, and for her expertise in probate investing.

Main Points:

• What exactly is probate?
• How the probate process works
• Why most investors shy away from working in this niche
• Why probates are the best source of off-market deals on the planet, and why these sellers are so motivated
• Marketing: How you market to these folks, and how is it different from other real estate investment strategies
• The #1 thing these folks want in addition to cash for the property in the estate
• Branding: Showing up as the expert. 4 simple ways to build your brand as the go-to person for probates and estate properties in your area
• Tips for having easy conversations with these motivated seller

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Sharon Vornholt Biography

Sharon Vornholt is the owner of Innovative Property Solutions in Louisville, KY.  She began investing in 1998 and was originally a rehabber and a buy and hold landlord. When the market crashed in 2008, she became an “accidental wholesaler”.  Today her passion is empowering and educating women who have an interest in real estate investing, and in helping all real estate investors build a profitable business by specializing in off-market deals. 

Sharon is best known as a marketing and branding expert for real estate investors, and for her expertise in probate investing. She has helped hundreds of people refine their brand and create customized marketing plans that work no matter what their investing strategy is.

Sharon is the creator of the Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog, the popular podcast “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing, and her signature course “Probate Investing Simplified”.