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REIA 70 Sep Bekam: How to Master Low-Income Housing Without Going Broke

Through years of experience and having an engineering background, Sep Bekam brought systems into an industry that needed it and provides for abundant opportunity in extremely low-income housing.

Main Points:

  •  “How to operate your real estate business like a factory.”  I worked as an electrical and robotics engineer at a bathtub manufacturer over a decade ago.  During my time at that company, I was taught lien manufacturing techniques and have been able to apply those skillsets to my real estate company.  Standardized processes, standard renovation manuals, standard leasing procedures, standard materials, etc.  We can talk about the lessons from Henry Ford and the Model T production.  
  • I’ve had multiple properties with evictions, drugs, gang activity, SWAT team raids, drive-by shootings, and homicides.  I’ve learned that the key to successful low-income housing investing is to have the right team in place that is world-class at handling that specific asset class.  The team needs to be excited about working on your properties, not depressed.  Regardless of how many units they manage for you, the investor needs to work towards being their best client (think Go-Giver philosophy).  That leads to effective management, vendor introductions, off-market deals, etc.  
  • Not every Section 8 tenant is bad.  There are great Section 8 tenants out there and, just like employees and property managers, the key is to give them more in Value than what they pay in rent.  
  • Pros and cons of low-income housing investing through apartment buildings v/s single family rentals.
  • Real estate syndication v/s turnkey property investing

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Sep Bekam’s BioGraphy:

Sepehr Bekam is the founder and CEO of Bekam Investment Group.  He grew up in Orange County, California and started investing in real estate over a decade ago while working as an electrical engineer.  “Sep” left his corporate job 6 years ago to focus on building his real estate company.  He and his partners own a multi-million dollar portfolio of rental houses nationwide.

Sep has become a recognized expert on successful low income housing investing and has been featured on the Real Estate Guys Radio Show, The Real Estate Espresso Podcast, and the IMN Single Family Rental Forum.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, there is a shortage of 7 million rental homes affordable and available to low-income renters.  Bekam Investment Group is focused on solving that problem by elevating the standard of living of the communities they invest in.  

The secret recipe to low income housing is consistencies and running tightly-run systems.  Through years of experience and having an engineering background, Sep brought systems into an industry that needed it and provides for abundant opportunity.  

The end-result is using capitalism to impact neighborhoods by consistently making them cleaner, safer, and more desirable…while still keeping them affordable.  Not only have they successfully improved hundreds of challenging, slumlord rental units, but they have also transformed entire neighborhoods.

With over a decade of investing experience, Bekam Investment Group is dedicated to bringing value to the investors and to the communities we invest in.