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REIA 111 Scott Krone: Self-Storage Investing and Self-Sustaining Construction with Scott Krone

Scott Krone is a Chicago native whose career in architecture began in 1991 by pursuing his Masters of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is the founder of the Coda Management Group that facilitates commercial real estate investments and The One Stop Self Storage.

 Main Points:

  • How To Invest In Distressed Assets and Make Profit
  • 3 Mind-blowing Facts About Self Storage Investing
  • 4 Proven Passive Investments
  • How To Live A Full Life: 3 Tips Experts Swear By

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Biography of Scott Krone:

Coda Management Group | Coda Design + Build | Author | Coda Opportunity Fund I and II
Coda Management Founder Coda Management Group facilitates commercial and real estate investments. The firm specializes in acquiring assets and repositioning the asset for both cash flow and forced appreciation. The firm created investment Platforms which develop and manage the real estate assets. A primary objective of the firm is to assess and underwrite both the real estate but also the underlying business.
Coda Opportunity Manager Coda Opportunity Fund I and II are qualified Opportunity Funds.
Fund I and II The funds have invested in Platform II Superior and Platform III Third managed by Coda Management Group. The funds were established to increase the rate of returns for the Platform’s investors. The Funds have been combined with PACE financing to further enhance the investors returns.
Coda Design + Build Co-Founder Coda Design + Build is an international award winning, sustainable design + build firm which specializes in single family and multi-family residences throughout the Chicagoland market place. The firm’s strategic core ability is to facilitate a holistic approach to the property – assessing properties, financing, zoning/entitlements, design, sustainability, construction, and concierge program for home maintenance.
Coda Management Group utilizes the services of Coda Design + Build to facilitate the Platforms asset development and forced appreciation.
Author High Performance Homes – Navigating the Green Road to Your Dream Home. A road map for navigating the pathway to sustainability when either designing, building, or improving your home.
Consultant Real estate and business consultant with clients across the United States, Finland, Holland, and South Africa. Areas of focus are company growth and development via company alliances, strategic acquisition, and marketing.
Past Experience Primera, Inc. – Glencoe, IL 1997-1998
Financial Administrator/Project Manager – for a 90 unit townhome development located in Aurora, IL with gross proceeds of $9,000,000.
Optima, Inc. – Glencoe, IL 1991-1997
Financial Administrator/Project Manager – facilitated land acquisition, entitlements, municipal approvals, debt financing, construction overview on projects ranging from 18 Units for $5,000,000 to 400 Units for $100,000,000.00.