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REIA 271 Sam Bates: How to Invest Like the Top 1% Through Private Placements

Sam Bates is a real estate entrepreneur who has been directly involved in the acquisition and development of over $200MM in multifamily. He is also an owner and advisor in other real estate companies.

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Main Points:

  • Private placements provide higher returns than traditional investments in stocks and bonds.
  • Private placements provide true diversification.
  • Private placements provide transparency to investors.
  • Why everyone should add multifamily assets to their portfolio.
  • Why you should invest with a seasoned operator who creates their own economy.
  • How investing in real estate creates an unfair advantage for the investor
  • Tax benefits

Connect with Sam Bates:

Biography of Sam Bates:

Sam Bates is the founder and CEO of Bates Capital Group. He is also a principal and advisory board member of Systematic Capital. Sam is a real estate entrepreneur who has held multiple C suite positions in his real estate career. He has been directly involved in the acquisition and development of over $200MM in multifamily. His portfolio currently has over 1,000 units in Texas, and the Southeast. Sam is also an owner of Systematic Capital which has multiple operating businesses such as a home building company, title company, and a land development company. Sam spent over a decade in Corporate America working in various consulting, finance and accounting positions. He quickly realized a W-2 job was not going to satisfy his desire to help people improve their lives. Once Sam started investing in real estate, he quickly realized how powerful real estate is and decided this was how he wanted to help others meet their goals and create generation wealth to leave their legacy. Sam has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University in Finance, an MS in Personal Financial Planning, and an MBA from Texas Tech University. Sam is an avid sports fan, skier, and loves to read.