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From Concrete to Cash Flow: Bob Brown’s Foundation Repair Secrets and Real Estate Journey – REIA 455

Main Theme:

In this insightful episode of “Real Estate Investing Abundance,” we sit down with Bob Brown, a seasoned foundation repair expert who has seamlessly transitioned into the world of real estate investing. Bob shares his fascinating journey, starting from his early days in concrete repairs to becoming a leading authority in foundation repair and a successful real estate investor.

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Key Discussion Points:

Bob Brown’s Journey:

  • Transition from concrete repairs to specializing in foundation repair.
  • Evolution into a real estate investor focusing on buying and holding rental properties.
  • A unique case study of converting an unconventional property into a rental home.

Foundation Repair Insights:

Differentiating roles: Foundation repair contractors vs. engineers.

  • Contractors: Sales-oriented, lacking in-depth engineering expertise.
  • Engineers: Conduct thorough inspections with advanced tools and detailed analyses.

Importance of comprehensive foundation inspections for homeowners and investors.

  • Highlighting 17 key inspection aspects, including floor level surveys and topo maps.

Identifying Foundation Issues:

  • Recognizing patterns in foundation problems like cracks in floors and misaligned doors/windows.
  • Considering factors beyond the settlement, such as expansive clays and soil heave.
  • Solutions for older homes, including options like compaction grouting for rock foundations.

Expert Involvement and Financial Considerations:

  • Importance of consulting experts to make informed foundation repair decisions.
  • Cost-saving benefits of expert advice versus free contractor inspections.
  • Objective measures of foundation performance and the role of geotechnical engineers.
  • Navigating insurance coverage and earth movement exclusions with forensic engineers.

Resources and Recommendations:

  • Bob Brown’s book, “Foundation Repair Secrets,” offers deeper insights into foundation repair.
  • Connecting with Bob Brown on social media for ongoing advice and tips.
  • Promotional segment for an upcoming real estate investing webinar by Steed Talker Capital.

Tune in to gain valuable knowledge from Bob Brown’s extensive experience in both foundation repair and real estate investing, and learn how to apply these insights to your own investment strategies.

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Biography of RK Bob Brown:

RK Bob Brown is an author, speaker, patented innovator, and the foremost authority on foundation repair diagnosis. As an insider with more than 35-years-experience, he brings transparency, accountability, and engineering efficacy to an otherwise opaque industry. His forthcoming book, Foundation Repair Secrets (Advantage Books) reveals little-known solutions to save time and money by avoiding costly repairs (or worse, the wrong repairs).

He holds a Bachelor of Design Science from ASU’s School of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science from ASU’s School of Business specializing in Real Estate and Finance. He founded Arizona Foundation Solutions in 1989 and built one of the only foundation repair companies to utilize licensed professional engineers on the front end to analyze initial conditions, make recommendations, and specify repairs before presenting proposals. Bob sold his business in 2022 to focus on writing and speaking. He currently holds four patents and has three pending. He also developed a cloud-based software solution to streamline and assist engineers and contractors in home foundation investigations.

He has been designated a certified Foundation Repair Specialist by the National Foundation Repair Association, is LEED Accredited by the National Green Building Council, is an EPA-approved Radon Measurement and Mitigation Specialist, is Level 1 Post Tensioning Institute certified, and is an ADRE CEU Provider, among other accreditations.

With the perfect blend of engineering savvy and construction practicality, he shows real estate agents and brokers, insurance and mortgage underwriters, home inspectors, and foundation repair engineers what they need to know to find the right solutions. He demystifies concepts to help anyone easily understand soil behaviors, structural mechanics, foundation performance evaluation, objective severity performance standards, data-based recommendations, and existing repair evaluations. In short, Bob Brown knows dirt—which is why people call him the Dirt Whisperer.