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REIA 175 Reuben Goldbaum: Why strong buyers are better than higher offers

Reuben is a Real estate broker helping 1031 buyers show that they are the strongest buyers. Not desperate needy people who can get be taken advantage of.  He also helps investors find off-market opportunities for strong buyers

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Main Points:

  • I worked as a Qualified Intermedia, and quickly learned how a 1031 buyer is looked at by other brokers and owners.
  • The process of a marketed deal vs an off-market deal
  • The reason why a 1031 buyer can easily be manipulated
  • Alternative investments for 1031 buyers and how they shape the narrative for these buyers
  • Greedy sellers vs smart sellers
  • The most important part of any RE transaction- certainty of close

Contact with Reuben:

Biography of Reuben Goldbaum:

Instead of speaking in 3rd person and telling you how amazing Reuben is and how he closed X Billion in transactions blah blah blah, I’m just going to speak like a normal person. I began my real estate career working in 1031 exchanges, and I quickly realized that these buyers were being taken advantage of. I became a broker to help those buyers leverage the fact that they are the best buyers out there even in a sellers market. Real estate is a big fun world, I hope we get to enjoy it together.