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REIA 28 Oscar Buendia: Achieving Financial Freedom for Real Estate Investing

Oscar Buendia

Achieving Financial Freedom from Real Estate Investing

Today Dr. Allen chats with Oscar Buendia, co-founder of two companies REI Brothers and GoodDay Capital. The first company started incorporates his podcast, social media, education, courses, and coaching. The second is the Real Estate Investment Firm for the purpose of syndicating & JVing commercial assets. Oscar Buendia came to the United States at the age of four from Colombia.

His journey in real estate began in 2013 when he read Rich Dad Poor Dad. In 2016, joined a local group focusing on wholesaling, fix & flip, and other creative strategies on the residential side. A year passed and realized that these were not strategies he would want to do long-term. In 2017, he went the buy and hold route with a duplex. Bought at a little below market and netted $600 after all expenses. This opened his eyes to the benefits of long-term holds in his journey towards financial freedom.

In today’s chat, listen to Oscar’s Successful journey from a migrant to the successful real estate investor and founder of two companies. He inspires us that constant effort and hard work are always the keys to success.

3 Key Points from the episode:

  • Grow Into a Better Person Everyday – Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Socially.
  • Innovative, Problem Solver, Not Afraid to Fail!..and Learn From Failures!
  • Take Extreme Ownership and Responsibility.

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