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REIA 006 Scott Choppin:  Succeeding in Real Estate Markets Where Most Others Fail

REIA 006 Scott Choppin: Succeeding in Real Estate Markets Where Most Others Fail

Scott Choppin

Succeeding in Real Estate Markets Where Most Others Fail

With us today is a veteran real estate developer and entrepreneur.  He is a third-generation Southern Californian who is making it big in a state where many real estate developers are fleeing.  The wisdom he brings from success in a market where many others fail is invaluable.  Whether you are new or tuning into the show for the first time, I know you’ll find great value in today’s program.

Scott founded the Urban Pacific Group of Companies in 2000.  Since then his company has brought over 1700 units of affordable housing to communities throughout the western USA. 

The Choppin family has been in real estate development in Long Beach since 1960, which includes highlights such as the development of the Long Beach World Trade Center and the 293-unit CityPlace residential development in downtown Long Beach. Scott is an innovator in the fields of urban housing, mixed use projects, and affordable/middle income housing communities throughout the Western United States.

Main Points:

  • Scott, while many investors are fleeing Southern CA because of the high cost of living and tightening regulations, you’ve found a business development that works.  In fact, you customarily deliver a 29% IRR to your investors.  What is your secret to success in a state where many others have fled?
  • You do not limit your development to Southern CA but you do focus on middle-income workforce housing.  Why the middle-income housing sector?
  • What are three of the most important factors that passive investors should focus on in offering memorandums?
  • What are the risks to passive investors investing in Urban town House (UTH) infill development?
  • How has workforce housing faired through the pandemic?  

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