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REIA 113 Alex Jarbo:  Achieve Above Average Returns by Investing in Short-Term Rentals

Alex Jarbo, is a Vacation rental developer and host of the YouTube channels Alex Builds. He focuses on developing vacation rental complexes in Western North Carolina and partnering with investors to help them achieve above average real estate returns.

Main Points:

  • Why build cabins when purchasing a rental is much easier?
  • Do you manage other people’s properties or only your own? 
  • Why don’t you manage other people’s properties after you build them?
  • In what areas do you like to invest?
  • Do you take on any investors?
  • How important do you think having an exit plan is for a property you own?
  • How important do you think having an emergency fund for your short-term rental is?

Connect with Alex:

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Biography of Alex Jarbo:

Alex was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. At 18 he joined the United states Marine Corps and became am infantryman. He mainly was stationed in Washington DC where he was part of the Marine Corps Honor Guard. He left the Marine Corps when he was 22 to pursue his career as a real estate professional. He finished the development of his first cabin in 2020 and is building 4 more cabins in 2021. In 2022 he has plans to build another 6 and his goal is to Own or be a part owner of 40 cabins in the next 3 years. Alex holds on MBA with a concentration in real ostate development and is currently finishing a Doctorate in Business with a concentration in Leadership. He is the hosts his YouTube show Alex Builds where he goes through the process of building and managing short term rentals.

Alex develops the properties with the help of his general contractor. All of his cabins are currently located in Asheville, NC After they are built Alex self manages them with online tools and processes. Alex has been able over the course of two years to automate most of his business. His homes are designed online and he is able to manage the development and management business from anywhere in the world. Alex believes that his focus on developing unique properties is what sets his company apart from the rest of the properties in his market.