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REIA 37 Ryan Andrews: Developing Tiny Homes, Building to Net Zero, and Capitalizing Your Dream

Ryan Andrews is a land developer and builder who specializes in small, modern, highly efficient homes, and communities.  He has extensive experience in the structuring and capitalization of development projects, with vast expertise in capital markets for construction and development.  

Main Points:

  • In 2017 Hiatus Homes pioneered the Hiatus Benham a 22-unit tiny-home development in Bend Oregon utilizing brand-new building code allowing small Single-Family Residential units
  • In 2019, Hiatus Homes started Hiatus Roanoke, a 10-home development of small energy efficient (net zero) homes. They are 910 SF with 2-bed & 2-bath. The first 5 homes have sold and the construction on the second 5 will start this month.
  • In 2020 the Hiatus Capital Fund was launched to provide an innovative way for investor to participate across multiple Hiatus Homes projects and benefit as the company grows.
  • Two new projects are going through entitlement in the fund: Hiatus Penn and Hiatus Roosevelt.
  • Hiatus Penn is a 40-unit micro apartment building in Bend’s Central Business District. This project utilizes brand new building code providing higher density studio apartments with shared kitchens and common spaces. The goal being to solve some of the demand for housing.
  • Hiatus Roosevelt is a 12-unit project in Bend’s iconic Old Mill District where 7-lots will have a combination of the “Bower”, the 2-bedroom model and the Loft (the original 600SF model).

Connect with Ryan:

  • 949-637-0355

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Ryan Andrews Bio:

Mr. Andrews has 15 years of experience in finance and capital markets and is a specialist in managing partnerships for real estate development. He is a CFO and sponsor for numerous multi-family, mixed use, and SFR development projects across Washington and Oregon totaling over $60 million in real estate value. His projects include the Nesttun Building, a 72-unit mixed-use development in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle; the Hiatus Roanoke, an innovative net-zero 10-unit SFR cottage development in Bend, OR; he is pioneering a 40-unit micro-apartment development in Bend Oregon under a new cutting-edge building code recently passed by the city and numerous SFR and multifamily infill developments across Puget Sound including: Capitol Hill, Seward Park, West Seattle, and Northwest Seattle.

Overall, he has participated in capitalizing 262 development projects. He manages three real estate investment funds with total assets under managements over $125 million. The Aerial Recession Resistant Fund holds an equity position in 50+ mobile home parks, self-storage facilities, and apartments. The Hiatus Capital Fund is a boutique land development and construction fund focused on small home development. He also leads US operations for the KYC / Phoenix Real Estate Senior Debt Fund, a subsidiary of Phoenix, the largest life insurance company in Israel where he manages a portfolio of 150+ loans for multifamily development and construction projects across the US.

Prior, Mr. Andrews was Director of Capital Markets at Trueline Capital where he managed a $20+ million construction lending fund. He managed investor relations as an early employee at CrowdStreet and he started his career in the institutional group at PIMCO in Newport Beach, CA. He holds a finance degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Mr. Andrews grew up in Southern California and now lives in Bend, Oregon with his three young daughters (ages 6, 3, 2) and Vizsla. He is 37 years old and is in excellent health as a fitness enthusiast, an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fly fisherman, and rock climber.