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Building Wealth and Community: Unlock the Power of Passive Real Estate Investing at Multifamily Live with David Holman – REIA 442

Welcome to another enlightening episode where we dive deep into the transformative world of passive real estate investing, spotlighted through the lens of the Multifamily Live event. Today, we unravel the essence of investing in commercial properties, such as apartment buildings, and the impact of green building practices alongside the integration of immigrants into the real estate market.

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Key Highlights:

Passive Real Estate Investing 101: Learn the ropes of investing in commercial real estate, focusing on apartment buildings. Discover how both novice and seasoned investors can navigate cash flow opportunities, acquisition, and asset management, paving the way for successful passive investment ventures.

Green Building Practices with Dave Holman: A special segment featuring Dave Holman delves into the significance of incorporating energy-efficient upgrades in properties. Holman discusses the dual benefits of such upgrades – financial savings and reduced energy consumption – while also tackling climate change by adopting investment strategies mindful of environmental changes.

Empowering Immigrant Integration: The event shines a light on a heartwarming success story of a Rwandan immigrant family’s journey to homeownership and becoming landlords. This narrative not only celebrates the power of community support but also emphasizes the importance of responsible property management and tenant education in achieving long-term investment growth.

Community Support and Inclusivity: Dave Holman’s approach to real estate investment includes a strong focus on supporting vulnerable populations through partnerships with charitable organizations and government housing programs. This inclusive strategy aims to overcome challenges such as language barriers and mental health issues, fostering a more supportive and engaged community.

Innovative Real Estate Projects: Discover how new construction projects with features like spacious kitchens are being tailored to meet specific community needs, illustrating the importance of innovative thinking in real estate investment.

Webinar Invitation: Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about real estate investing through an upcoming webinar. This session promises to expand on the themes discussed during the Multifamily Live event, offering deeper insights into sustainable and inclusive real estate investment strategies.

Philanthropy in Focus: The event also highlights philanthropic efforts, particularly those related to horse-related causes, showcasing the broader impact of real estate investment beyond financial gains.


David Holman stands at the forefront of redefining real estate investing, championing sustainability, community engagement, and inclusivity. By embracing green building practices and fostering a supportive environment for immigrants and vulnerable populations, the event sets a new standard for responsible and impactful investment strategies. Join us as we explore these multifaceted approaches to real estate investing that not only promise financial returns but also contribute to the betterment of communities and the environment.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights into the future of real estate investing and learn how you can be part of this transformative journey.

Connect with David Holman:

  • Midcoast Maine Real Estate Investor Meetup

Biography of David Holman:

Dave Holman believes in doing well by doing good. With over a decade of experience, Dave is a triple threat commercial broker, syndicator/investor, and co-owner of Katahdin Property Management.

Dave grew up in Maine and attended Carleton College in Minnesota, focusing on Latin American Studies and Environment and Technology Studies. His first investment took place right out of college when he co-founded a multi-lingual retail chain in Bolivia, The Spitting Llama Bookstore and Outfitter. After earning his MBA and spending 9 years in non-profit leadership and fundraising, Dave dove into real estate investing to make the world a healthier and happier place.

Dave manages over 350 commercial and residential units in Maine, most of which he owns or co-owns. He specializes in driving NOI through energy efficiency and creative solutions with refugee and immigrant tenants. Outside of real estate, Dave loves running, hiking, and traveling and has written three books: Youth Renewing the CountrysideCoffee Smuggler, and Cyber Fire.