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REIA 176 Gervon Simon: How a former Army officer put excuses to the side to build his real estate business while serving on active duty

Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Veteran, West Point Graduate; Gervon is a self-starter in real estate both as an agent and investor.  He runs a team of agents and continues to invest in real estate while helping others do the same.

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Main Points:

  • How anyone can get started in real estate investing and build a portfolio, one property at a time and begin to leverage it as the equity builds
  • How to focus on your goals and what YOU want to do with your life by backwards planning
  • How to build a side income/business while still working a 9-5
  • Being honest with yourself about your skillset and what actual value you offer to others – focus on adding value rather than how much money you can make
  • How to be comfortable giving up responsibility through delegation as you grow your business
  • How it’s imperative to always be willing to grow as a person and as a leader, never become satisfied or stagnant!

Connect with Gervon:

Biography of Gervon Simon:

My name is Gervon Simon and I’m a Real Estate Agent/ Broker, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Veteran, and a West Point Graduate. Myself and my team help people purchase their homes as well as invest in real estate. Whether it’s your forever home, your starter home that will convert to an investment property, a rental investment, or you’re looking to fix and flip a deal I can help you as I’ve literally done it myself. In terms of who I am personally, I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a man of integrity and honesty. I believe in building trust and relationships with every person that I encounter whether we’re doing business together or not. Some of my closest friends I met through real estate