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REIA 214 Raphael Collazo: The Wonderful World of Retail Real Estate Investing

Raphael Collazo is a Commercial Real Estate Agent, Author, Real Estate Investor & Recovering Engineer.  He is the host of The Commercial Real Estate Academy and the Sponsor of the Commercial Real Estate 101meet-up.

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Main Points:

  • How To Transition Careers (Engineering To Brokerage)
  • How To Build Your Personal & Professional Brand (Digital Marketing)
  • How To Analyze Retail Investment Opportunities
  • How To Write & Promote a Book (Promote Your Business)
  • How To Start & Grow a Podcast (Commercial RE Specific)
  • How To Navigate The Process of Buying and/or Leasing CRE

Connect with Raphael:

Biography Of Raphael:

Raphael Collazo is a licensed commercial real estate agent specializing in retail and multi-family properties. Transitioning from a career in software, Raphael brings a strong technical background and a love for dissecting complex problems to his client interactions. These characteristics enable him to provide innovative and effective real estate solutions to help his clients get the most out of each transaction. As a real estate investor himself, Raphael is acutely aware of what investors look for when evaluating commercial property. As a result, he’s able to offer a unique perspective and help his clients make the best possible decision based on their financial goals. Along with being a full-time commercial agent, Raphael is also the author of the Millennial Playbook series, a book series that focuses on personal and professional development topics for young professionals. He wrote his latest book, “Before You Sign That Lease” to help business owners with the often difficult process of leasing commercial real estate. As a performance coach and speaker, he’s also had the opportunity to speak to thousands of students and professionals on a wide range of subjects. Raphael graduated from Arizona State University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a minor in economics.