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REIA 167 Rafael Cortez: The Wholesaling Business Blueprint

Rafael Cortez is a real estate broker, investor, entrepreneur, and organizational psychologist. Founder of CEO Pulse LLC and a Real Estate Investment coach and podcaster with Wholesaling Inc. He became one of the youngest firefighters in Yuma County at the age of 19, began his first entrepreneurial project and launched Netcor Transports LLC in 2007 (a non-emergency medical transportation business). Rafael started his first business at 21 and launched his first company at age 23 and now invested in wholesale real estate.

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Main Points:

  • The Wholesaling Business Blueprint. What is Wholesaling?
  • How to make money in real estate without buying properties.
  • How to get through the entrepreneur learning curve.
  • How to build freedom through systems and processes.
  • The stages of a start-up businesses (Priorities and Challenges)
  • The entrepreneur mindset / psychology

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Biography of Rafael Cortez:

Raised in Yuma, AZ, at age 19 Rafael became one of the youngest firefighters in the County, where he spent the next five years. While working at the fire department, he began building his first business, a non-emergency medical transportation service. He launched this first venture in 2007 at the age of 23 and maintained constant growth until he successfully sold the company in 2014. Since then, Rafael has built businesses in various industries. He currently lives in Phoenix, Az, owns multiple companies, and hosts the CEO Pulse Podcast premising The Real, The Raw & The Mind of Entrepreneurship.

Rafael is a Real Estate Coach and an Organizational Psychologist. He owns a traditional brokerage and a wholesaling and fix & flip business. Other companies include verticals in education, software, and an Organizational Psychology practice focused on business coaching & consulting. He has profitably invested in real estate since 2009, doing everything from fix & flip, creative financing, and wholesaling, yielding him millions of dollars in profits to date.

Rafael is now passionate about using his investment knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, and background in business Psychology to help other entrepreneurs succeed through his Wholesaling coaching programs. He teaches his students how to find, negotiate, & close real estate deals while building a successful & sustainable business in the process.

“Hustle is a season not a business strategy. “Follow him for free content in all major media channels @rafaelcortezceo