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REIA 368 Pranay Parikh: A Doctor’s Guide to Multifamily Investing

Dr. Pranay Parikh is a medical doctor, serial entrepreneur, online course creator, and podcast host. His unconventional journey to medicine helped him learn the skills to excel in entrepreneurship.

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Main point:

  • Why do Doctors Make Great Entrepreneurs?
  • Why do anything outside of medicine?
  • What part, if any, of your training in medicine helped you in entrepreneurship?
  • What advice do you have for other professionals that feel stuck? 
  • How and Why to Make Time for Real Estate Investing
  • How do you choose what to spend your time on?
  • The 5 Steps to Invest in a Commercial Real Estate Syndication
  • How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur While Working a Full-Time Job
  • Why It’s Important to Have a Side Hustle Despite Having a High Paying Job
  • Real Estate as a Source of Financial Freedom

Connect with Pranay Parikh

Biography Pranay Parikh:

Dr. Pranay Parikh is a full-time physician, Co-Founder and President of Ascent Equity Group, online course creator, and host of the MD to Entrepreneur Podcast. Dr. Parikh started out as a fresh attending with zero business experience. Despite loving his job and medicine, he didn’t feel like he had financial security or control over his time. Today, He is a serial entrepreneur and practices medicine on his own terms. Dr. Parikh is an advisor for multiple eight-figure businesses and is the co-founder of Ascent Equity Group, a real-estate company that helps physicians become passive investors in real estate. He has a passion for helping other doctors reach financial independence and do more of what they love. Dr. Pranay consistently strives to become the best version of himself whether it be in business, education, fitness, marriage, or family. Now Pranay seeks to teach others so they can skip all the missteps and struggles he had to go through.