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Investing with purpose: The 5 critical elements for wealth creation with Allen Lomax – REIA 434

Welcome to another insightful episode of our coaching series dedicated to empowering professionals with the knowledge to build wealth through passive hands-off real estate investing. Today, we dive into the dynamic world of property investment, highlighting the unparalleled potential it holds for wealth generation.

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Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Introduction to Real Estate Investing:

  • We begin by exploring why real estate stands out as a premier asset class for professionals looking to expand their financial portfolio.
  • Understand the core concepts of cash flow, income production, and the other wealth-building pillars in real estate.

The Five Pillars of Real Estate Wealth-Building:

  • Cash Flow: Discover how investment properties can generate consistent monthly income.
  • Income Production: Learn the strategies for maximizing rental income.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Uncover the unique benefits of investing in commercial properties.
  • Depreciation: Find out how to use this tax advantage to enhance your investment returns.
  • Equity: We delve into the concept of equity and its role in wealth accumulation.

The Power of Equity:

  • Gain clarity on how equity works and its significance in your investment journey.
  • Explore how equity can increase organically through mortgage payments and property appreciation.

Commercial Real Estate Advantages:

  • A closer look at how commercial real estate can fast-track wealth building.
  • The role of tenant leases in contributing to your equity without additional personal investment.

Leverage in Real Estate:

  • Understand how to use leverage to control more property and amplify your investment power.
  • We’ll discuss how this principle ties into the five wealth development avenues, offering a new perspective on real estate investing concerns.

Real-Life Success Stories:

  • Meet Mark, a periodontist who transformed his financial future through passive real estate investing.
  • Hear how real estate enabled him to practice his profession out of passion, not necessity.

The Steed Talker Toolkit for Success:

  • Discover the video series and free resources available on our website –
  • Learn how passive investing strategies can prevent professional burnout and lead to a more fulfilling life.

Final Thoughts:

  • Summarizing the key takeaways from today’s episode.
  • How to apply the discussed principles to your own real estate investment endeavors.

Thank you for tuning in. We hope this episode provides you with actionable insights to harness the power of real estate for your wealth-building goals. Don’t forget to check out the additional resources on our website –, and join us next time as we continue to demystify the path to exuberant and sustainable financial well-being through smart investing.


  • Investing With Purpose: The professor’s guide to financial well-being through passive real estate investing
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Remember, investing in real estate is not just about building wealth; it’s about creating a life of abundance and choice. Let’s make it happen!

Biography of Allen Lomax:

Dr. Allen, a seasoned leader with a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems Psychology and over three decades of experience guiding both personal and organizational growth, underwent a transformative shift later in his career. This shift occurred after more than fifteen years of working with horses, which provided him with invaluable insights. Through the equine experience, Dr. Allen came to realize the profound impact of quiet mindfulness as a powerful tool for facilitating dynamic personal and organizational growth.

These realizations gradually unfolded as Dr. Allen served higher education, specializing in college student development and psychology. Though he experienced tremendous personal fulfillment in his service to academia, he secured his financial well-being through real estate investing, which allowed him to live life abundantly on his terms.

Driven by a commitment to empower others to discover their financial well-being, he founded Steed Talker Capital and hosts the popular podcast Real Estate Investing Abundance. Through these platforms, he provides opportunities for others to secure their financial well-being to live abundantly and flourish in all aspects of life.

For pleasure, Allen passionately works with humans to help them understand their horses and develop excellent connections that create respectful and safe relationships between the horse and their humans.