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REIA 381 Nkem Ezeamama: From Scrubs to Syndication: An ER Doctor’s Financial Awakening

Nkem Ezeamama is an ER physician and multifamily real estate investor, helping healthcare professionals achieve wealth through passive investing and empowering women in entrepreneurship and business leadership. Her passion lies in personal growth and finding her purpose in all endeavors.

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Main Points:

  • What sparked your transition from a career as an ER physician to a multifamily syndicator?
  • Can you share some key challenges you faced during this transition and how you overcame them?
  • How do your skills as an ER physician translate to your work as a real estate investor?
  • What were some of the mental barriers you faced during your career transition?
  • Can you describe a time when impostor syndrome was particularly challenging for you?
  • What advice do you have for others who might be experiencing similar mental barriers?
  • Why do you believe financial literacy is so important for healthcare professionals?
  • What are some misconceptions or misunderstandings you’ve encountered among healthcare professionals when it comes to finance?
  • How can healthcare professionals start to build their financial literacy and security?
  • As a female entrepreneur, what have been some of your biggest challenges and successes?
  • How can we foster more entrepreneurship among women, particularly in fields like real estate investing?
  • What advice would you give to women considering starting their own businesses?

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Biography Nkem Ezeamama:

Dr. Nkem Ezeamama is the visionary behind Pheenyx Capital Investment. Pheenyx Capital is dedicated to helping busy professionals, both in and out of the healthcare field, grow their wealth through passive investing in commercial multifamily real estate. Dr. Nkem is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician practicing in Tennessee with over 7 years of experience; Dr. Nkem is also a real estate investor with a portfolio consisting of over 300 units as a limited partner; recently, she marked a significant milestone, closing her first deal as a general partner. Dr. Nkem is also keen on empowering other healthcare professionals to attain financial security. She’s set a goal to help over a thousand of her peers create passive income and achieve generational wealth through real estate investing. In her advocacy work, Dr. Nkem focuses on mentoring young women, teaching them the value of leadership and business development. Her message is clear: women can and should take the reins in business. Outside her professional sphere, Dr. Nkem enjoys the tranquility of long-distance running and trail hiking, often in the delightful company of her rascal Goldendoodle. Her personal pursuits mirror her professional ethos – always moving forward, always exploring new paths.