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REIA 394 Niti Jamdar: Author of Accelerate Your Real Estate with Niti Jamdar

Niti Jamdar is a founder and owner of Open Spaces Capital and Open Spaces Women. After working for 20 years as an Executive in Product Strategy and Finance for a Fortune 100 company, Niti made the shift to investing and entrepreneurship in 2020. Niti invests in real estate across the USA.  He is passionate about helping corporate professionals break the golden handcuffs through the power of real estate investing.

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Main point:

  • Topics Palak and Niti are prepared to speak on:
  • High earners paradox – why an above average salary keeps folks from building wealth and how to get out of it
  • How to get started investing part time, to position yourself out of working full time
  • How to invest in in real estate in 2023
  • Balancing social impact and profitability 
  • Secrets of Supercharging the BRRRR Strategy
  • Defining a real estate investing strategy 
  • Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid In Your Next BRRRR
  • How to get into bigger and better deals by pivoting strategically
  • Repositioning Equity by understanding the return on equity 
  • How to build appetite for taking calculated risk
  • How to overcome fear of investing

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Biography Niti Jamdar:

Bigger Pockets’ Author’s of Accelerate Your Real Estate 🏎💨 Palak Shah & Niti Jamdar Hey __, I’m reaching out about Palak Shah and/or Niti Jamdar being a guest on  ___ in support their new book, Accelerate Your Real Estatepublished by Bigger Pockets Publishing. In Accelerate Your Real Estate, Palak and Niti of Open Spaces Capital share their SCALE framework – a spin on the BRRRR strategy that will help readers develop their real estate portfolio so it can thrive without their constant attention. With this strategy, investors can even make their real estate business so seamless that it requires less than six hours of time each week. Palak and Niti are the founders of Open Spaces Capital and Open Spaces Women. Both come with extensive experience in scaling, systems, strategy and leadership, in corporate America; Niti working for 15 years as an Executive in Product Strategy and Finance for a Fortune 100 company, and Palak with 17 years of experience in engineering leadership. After their children were born, Palak decided to make the move to entrepreneurship to be able to spend more time with her children. In 5 years, Palak and Niti created a $10M rental real estate portfolio. Niti made the shift to investing full-time and entrepreneurship in 2020. It is now their passion to empower other investors to pursue entrepreneurship through real estate investing to live an empowered and financially free life without taking undue risks or over-leveraging, with their coaching program called Portfolio Program, while concurrently working on growing their rental portfolio by acquiring real estate all over the US.