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REIA 283 Nic McGrue: Raising Capital Without the Fear of Getting into Trouble with the Security & Exchange Commission

Nic is the founding attorney of Polymath Legal PC. Polymath Legal helps real estate investors lawfully raise capital to create generational wealth.

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Main Points:

  • Definition of a “Security”; 
  • Types of Investors; 
  • Common Real Estate Security Registration Exemptions; 
  • Top 3 legal mistakes when raising capital; Teamwork makes the dream work

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Biography of Nic McGrue:

Nic McGrue is the founding attorney at Polymath Legal PC where he handles transactional matters in the areas of syndication, real estate, business, and entertainment. Nic received his bachelor’s degree in American Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington. He received his Juris Doctorate degree from Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law. At Pepperdine, Nic was a journal editor, a student government officer, and a moot court board officer. He focused his studies on business, entrepreneurship, and real estate. Nic also holds an L.L.M. in Taxation & Financial Services with a certificate in U.S. Tax. Nic is admitted to practice law in California and Washington State, and he holds a California Real Estate Broker’s License. At Polymath Legal, Nic assists developers, syndicators, investors, and entrepreneurs in areas ranging from syndication, business formation, real estate and business transactions, and contracts. In aggregate, Nic has created syndications allowing his clients to raise capital to acquire more than $1 Billion dollars in assets. In addition to working on various entrepreneurial ventures and running his law practice, Nic is a tenured Professor of Business Law and teaches business and real estate classes for undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and law school students. In his free time, Nic enjoys cooking, playing saxophone, hiking, practicing card magic, traveling, hanging out with his wife, and learning about new topics that pique his curiosity.