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REIA 139 Neil Twa: How to drive $50k-100k/mo in almost automated income using a simple e-commerce game plan that’s generated this entrepreneur and his clients over $100M+ in collective online sales in only 1-2 hours a day…

Neil Twa is the co-founder and CEO of Voltage Digital Marketing. He has been launching, operating, and growing private label e-commerce businesses for the last 9 years. As of today, he and his clients have sold over $100 million+ in physical products primarily through the Amazon FBA sales channel. Neil shares his blueprint for how to build an online business that can generate a passive “almost automated” six-figure income in just 12 to 18 months, while setting up the business for potentially millions in sales within 18-24 months.

Main Points:

1) We break down our famous “Urban Mining Hack”, that will build you a virtual “firehose” of brilliant product ideas – so many that you won’t be able to act on all of them! Imagine a never-ending list of great products you could sell – you’ll never ask “What the @%@#$” am I gonna sell!?” again!

2) We’ll reveal the Science behind 10x-ing your Amazon sales – “By the Numbers”, we’ll show you how multi-million-dollar Amazon sellers analyze profitability BEFORE they spend a single penny on a product. Learn to avoid making business-killing sourcing blunders or squandering your nest-egg on totally crappy ideas. This one video alone could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars, and be the difference between huge success and total disaster in your Amazon business!

3) You may fall in love, but Don’t Marry Your Products! Take someone else’s girlfriend instead! Learn how to piggy-back on other people’s great ideas and benefit from THEIR advertising to build your own private-label empire!
4) You know, Amazon may be be a River, but it’s also a Tree! Learn deeply-kept secrets about Nodes, ITK’s and Amazon’s “filing system” for products. Learn the highest-powered keywords in Amazon’s entire ecosystem, and put them “front and center” on your product listings to gain MAXIMUM RELEVANCE! 

5) What’s better than a golden parachute? “The Platinum Principle” will guide you in stacking insane value into your Amazon business – building a juggernaut so valuable that corporate suitors will line up at your door with big checkbooks when you decide it’s time to cash in! Most people who do this right actually make more money when they stop selling on Amazon than then ever did during the business-building phase!

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Discover how this underground Amazon FBA expert has helped 1000’s of people build their empires, even retire, with the power of almost automated income by partnering with one of the world’s richest billionaires.

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