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REIA 251Neil Bertrand: Always Know What You Don’t Know

Neil Bertrand is a 25-year multifamily veteran who has held executive positions in property management, asset management, and acquisitions. Neil’s experience includes all asset classes and types in multiple states.

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Main Points:

  • When EVERYONE is an expert, who do you trust?
  • Experience and Knowledge trump slick marketing and money
  • Best ways to learn about real estate investing
  • Select your partners slowly, carefully, and wisely
  • BONUS – when it comes to real estate investing, play the long game. Real Estate is an excellent tool for building wealth, creating an amazing and impactful life, and leaving a legacy

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Biography of Neil Bertrand:

Neil Bertrand is a multifamily executive, investor, speaker, and consultant who has a passion for helping new investors learn how to become successful owner-operators. Neil is known in real estate circles as one of very few individuals who have worked across all three disciplines of multifamily: property management, asset management, and acquisitions.

With over 25 years of multifamily experience with some of the largest owner-operators in the United States, Neil has been a VP of Property Management, VP of Asset Management, and VP of Acquisitions working with institutional clients such as AIG/SunAmerica, Husdon Advisors, and ING, to name but a few. Neil is also a noted conference speaker and moderator, sought after podcast guest, and industry consultant.

Neil earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate, Magna Cum Laude, from Liberty University, is a Certified Apartment Portfolio Specialist(CAPS®) through the National Apartment Association, a Certified Property Manager (CPM®) candidate, and an Accredited Resident Manager (ARM®) through the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Neil brings a deep knowledge of all things multifamily to Invest and Impact Life’s REZero2Hero Program, having been involved in over 30,000 units in 8 states that include all asset types and classes, rehab/renovations, and new development.

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